Sometimes I’m actually productive and do things other than whine.

Sooo, I’ve been a bum and haven’t even done anything remotely crafty for the past few months. Maybe it has something to do with using most of my free time taking care of my two children practicing dance moves on YouTube that are clearly not meant for white girlsĀ to be attempting, I don’t know. It’s called having your priorities in check. And don’t even pretend like you’ve never watched a dance video online and busted a move in your living room, ESPECIALLY if you’re a white girl. Let’s be real here… most of us white girls can’t dance. But we do try to our little off-beat-heart’s content and for that we get an A for effort. And Awkwardness.

Where was I? Before I had Jack though, I was on a little crafting spree so I thought I’d share a few of the simple little projects I did actually complete before I lost myself in all those booty pops.

I wanted something to fill the space on the little blank wall in our bedroom, so when I spotted these cardboard butterfly sticker things at Michael’s for like $3, I figured I could make them work somehow. They’re slightly raised and more thick than a normal sticker so the effect isn’t as juvenile as you’d expect. Or maybe it is, whateva. I like em.

Next we have a moss covered letter. The “W” stands for my maiden name, being that I was going to make something else with it and give it to my mom like 2 years ago and never got around to it. Daughter fail. Anyway, I basically just hot glued clumps of moss to a wooden letter.

Me caveman. Me do simple projects.

16 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m actually productive and do things other than whine.

  1. So like two days ago I was bustin out my white-man-dance because hi, the radio was all like “Wake me up before you go-go” and that’s possibly even more ‘whitey dance’ than when I try to bust a move to something more current because hi, I have Carman Electra’s Aerobic Striptease, so while I can’t booty-booty I can do body rolls and other such nonsense. Anyways, I’m bustin’ out my whitey dance in an awesome fashion and Nicole, in all her three point five years of wisdom, stares at me and says deadpan, “Mommy… don’t dancing. No. Stoppit.”

  2. Cute! I’m digging that W. Sometimes simple projects are the best. It’s nice when you think of a project and you can use what you already have instead of having to make a shopping list for all the things you need. :)

  3. Love the frame of, butterflies. Did you just paste them on the back of the frame or on a piece of scrapbook paper? Love it.

  4. I love the moss letter idea. I have some letters that have been just sitting around waiting to be made beautiful :) So happy to hear from you I check back everyday to see if you post something:) I started following your blog just a week before you had your second baby and fell in love with your ideas. Keep up the good work and congrats on the new baby. (ps im a black girl and I still look up youtube dance videos too dont feel bad :))

  5. Oooo, I actually REALLY like that moss letter idea! And even tho you act like it’s something even a 4 year old could do, I bet when I try it I will manage to make it look so clumpy and gluey that I’ll WISH that I had asked Malachi to craft it for me.

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