Floozy Colors

Since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a thing for nail polish. I remember the first time I recognized my love for it was at a slumber party, when an older girl named Tara painted all our toenails this electric pink (very early 90’s). I  was 4 years old and I couldn’t stop staring at my toes and walked around like I was Barbie Cinderella PJ Sparkles Glam Princess.

Fast forward a few years. It’s 4th grade and everyone, including the Olsen Twins (my then-idols) had blue nails. Oooh, those blue nails… how I coveted them! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to wear anything but the lightest, daintiest shades of pink on my fingernails because the the fun stuff I wanted to wear, like bright red and purple, were “floozy colors”. This saddened me so, but I obeyed The Law of Mom and stuck to the boring little girl colors.

A couple years later I was in junior high and by some miracle, Mom decided to let me wear some Olsen Twin colors. JOY! My friends and I went nuts… we painted our nails to match our hair ribbons that matched our camisoles we wore under our ugly school uniform polo shirts. Rebels, we were, with our baby blue nails with sparkles on top.

Nowadays, I wear Floozy Colors with abandon. I actually have somewhat of a problem whenever I go to Target or Walgreens or Rite Aid or pretty much any place that sells polish because I’ll just pick one up here and there to add to my massive collection. I end up at Target a few times a week to pick up diapers and things, so you can imagine how quickly I ended up with 50 different shades of hot pink in a box under my sink.

Some of my current loves:

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro – Steel Grey

2. OPI – Shootout at the OK Coral


4. Revlon – Revlon Red

5. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Petal Pusher

And since we’re talking about favorites, what are yours? I haven’t picked up my weekly polish yet… :)

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  1. I am loving Essie 'Topless and Barefoot' (a light pinkish nude color) and Essie 'Turquoise & Caicos' (an awesome seafoam green, nice with a tan!!).

  2. Oh yeah and I love OPI 'Don't know Jacques'!! Such an awesome darker gray/purple. It looks great on every skin tone and everyone gets compliments when they wear it :)

  3. These comments reminded me that I'm dying to try Essie because just the site of their pretty colorful bottles makes me froth at the mouth, they look so delicious. I tend to stick pretty safe with light pinks from Rimmel – I like how quick it tries. But I'll take the Essie plunge next time I'm at Ulta.

  4. I have the same problem with nail polish! My two favorites right now are turquoise and caicos by essie and steal grey by Revlon.

  5. My favorite summer time colors are Essie “watermelon” and OPI “feelin’ hot, hot, hot”. My problem is I pick nail polish by it’s name, “bubble bath” slays me on my manicures every time!

  6. I have to second the vote for Essie’s Turquoise an Caicos! I picked up a bottle a couple of weeks ago at Target and have it on my nails/toes this week and have gotten COMPIMENTS GALORE. It’s similar to Revlon’s minted but darker and turquoisier so I needed it (and yes this is exactly how I justified my $8 purchase in my mind thankyouverymuch) and you need it too!
    I also am in love with Sally Hansen’s Pronto Petal, it’s the perfect barbie pink and I love it to deathhhh.
    Floozies unite, I wasn’t allowed to wear anything but clear nail polish until I was like 13- RIDICULOUS.

  7. I’ve been sporting a nice aqua shade so far this Spring…. it’s a conversation starter! My normal is a nice shade of hot pink. I have Greenwich Village by NYC on my desk right now… but I can’t give up the aqua. I. Just. Cant.

  8. Right now I’m wearing Going Nude, EH? by Sephora by OPI and topping it with Traffic Stopper by Sephora by OPI. Not liking the going nude too much though really want Sand Tropez by Essie.

  9. my fav right now is an OPI teal shade but I am not sure what the name is and I loaned it to my SIL because she just delivered a baby in a way that involved having to push from midnight to 4am and then a vacuum. It sounds terrible and I figured some nice teal nailpolish might help her gather the pieces of her shattered humanity. Its her fav shade, too, she has been known to ask me to bring it over from time to time.

  10. Ok so I am not someone that will pay extra for nicer products (really i’m just cheap) but I swear that the China Glaze line of nail polish is SO WORTH IT! It only takes 1 coat and doesn’t chip at all!

    My favorite China Glaze right now are this awesome silver that goes on metallic

    and this neon yellow (http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?skuId=2124478&productId=VP12102&navAction=push&navCount=1&subdoc=7hotpink5&categoryId=cat80068#sku2229992)

    They are the BEST!

  11. I’m a bit of a nail polish junkie, myself, but my current obsessions are Essie chubby cheeks and sand tropez. They’re total opposites but i love to wear the vibrant orangey red with neutrals and the neutral with super colorful spring outfits to balance out the pops of color.

  12. Dude I was ALL ABOUT the blue nail polish! And green and pretty much any other color I could get my hands on. Right now I’m in love with pretty much every single Sephora by OPI nail polish color. It’s my all time favorite, but I’m trying to use the colors I already have, lest I go broke.

  13. I love OPI polishes, mostly because they have the best names! My faves are “Pistol Packin’ Pink” and “I’m Really Not a Waitress,” which is a pearly red. Not sure if they still even make those, but I love them.

  14. The sad thing is that I think I STILL have some of that nail polish from Jr. High. Disgusting, right? I think I’ve pitched most of it, but I’m pretty sure that there is still some turquoise glitter hiding in my polish drawer.

    Anyhow… I got a shellac manicure a few months ago, and will never go back to regular polish. EVER. It lasts without fail for two weeks. (Dishes proof… gardening proof… seriously!) Even better… it doesn’t damage your nails whatsoever. You can pay $30-40 to have it done in a salon… or buy the polish and a UV light on amazon for around a $100 and be set for years. (Months, maybe, if your a polish-o-holic like me). Totally, TOTALLY worth it. Read some reviews on google. Or Amazon, Or… well, anywhere. It’s really that good.

  15. Oh how funny- I was just on my way to paint my nails when I read this post! :-P

    I was never very good at painting my nails as a little girl, so I would either paint one hand only(usually my left because I’m right handed) or not at all. Orrrr, gosh, remember that nail polish that you would paint on and then it would peel off after like a day?!! Crazy stuff!

    I have to say my faves boil down to classic black, maroon, this awesome grey I found, bubblegum and hot pinks, and then this sparkly-Dorothy-wizard-of-oz-red-heels color that I have. It’s fantastic!!

  16. I loooove nail polish!! Unfortunately I still have the polishing technique of a 4th grader. I remember those blue nails. The inspiration hit when I watched the parent trap with Lindsay Lohan and she had those cobalt blue nails and yep I sported them after that too!! I love the Revlon Minted color but not on me, for some reason it just doesn’t work. :( My boyfriends mom just got me this really deep limey green color that I’m a little nervous to try out because it’s GREEN but I’m tempted….

    and since your a nail expert.. I’m a sucker for those .99 or 1.99 nail polishes at the drug store or target too.. but does OPI really finish nicer or stay on longer??

  17. I usually wear black. kinda boring, I know, but it’s what goes best with my outfits ;)
    I bought this beautiful dark plummy, almost purple, nailpolish one time that I just couldn’t wait to use, but I was so disappointed because it was really bad quality. you’d have to add like 5 layers to get a solid color, and well, it goes without saying that 5 layers of nailpolish doesn’t end up looking too good.
    also my abysmal teqnique doesn’t help of course ;P

  18. My favorites are both by OPI-I’m not Really A Waitress and We Met On The Internet (very fun shade of pink).

  19. I’m a total nail polish junkie and my favorite at the moment is Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Pink Slip.

  20. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and You Don’t Know Jacques, Sally Hansen Petal Pusher (insta-dry wooooo!) – those three are my go-tos 90% of the time.

  21. I love OPI colors – and OPI for Sephora.. ahhh I LOVE! My all time favorite is Lincoln Park after dark.. and my new favorite is I think called Sapphire.. or at least Sapphire is in the name. I love this post – keep up the good work!

  22. Right now I’m hooked on Essie “Watermelon” and “E-Nuff is E-Nuff”. I always gawk at the nail polish aisle in any store I’m in.

  23. I am obsessed with nail polish. I, too, am always at Target for some reason and I always pick up a nail polish or lipstick. Right now, I am wearing Essie’s Chinchilly. Mama like!

  24. I hear you on the “floozy colors”! My parents were/are the same way. They can’t really do anything about it now that I’m an adult, but they always comment on my colorful choices when I see them.

    Right now I’m pretty much obsessed with OPI Metro Chic. It’s a purpley grey color that is amazing. I also love Sally Henson Honeymoon Red.

  25. I’m so glad to hear there are others like me out there! My husband just looks at me funny when I paint my nails some kind of blue or purple or pink or orange….., but so far he’s loving (not) my current color – metallic silver! :)
    Great post!

  26. Uh, yeah. I have to buy a new color every single time I go to Target. This is a sickness.

    Currently I am on the search for the perfect coral, which has thus far alluded me, but left me with a cute peach and a nice red-ish.

    Although the other little problem is that I have to have instant dry, because I have no attention span. I just start touching things.

  27. I really like Dulce de Lece by Opi – but it’s not “floozy” DANGIT.

    Extra-va-vaganza (also Opi) may be in the flooz category. It’s a party on your nails.

  28. Okay, I totally forgot to talk about my new obsession with the greatest nail thing ever and ever.

    They have these new stick on nail polish things, that are stickers but made out of nail polish that you just stick on and trim.

    And, um, my nails are leopard print right now.


  29. my favorites are OPI Cajun Shrimp and You Don’t Know Jacques. i remember when i was in jr high and high school my very strict Christian school put a ban on all nail polish colors except pink and red. boo!!!! i still painted my toes some lovely colors like Neon green (my grandmother is still shaking her head)
    i need some new shades though so i will definitely have to browse Ulta soon!

  30. This past week, I was wearing what I’ve decided is the best floozy color ever: An Affair in Red Square by OPI. It’s a fabulous dragon-lady red with a gorgeous pearl shimmer.

  31. I’m dying over here. Apparently our Moms are in the same club. I didn’t get to wear nail polish until I was moved out her house at 19. She said certain colors were for “hussies” and “fast girls”.

  32. I just got a Sally Hansen color called Tying the Knot. It’s fab – like a pewter. Might be a bit too dark for spring, but I’m having a hard time choosing a great spring color. I live in the land of tan people, but I myself am not tan, so those tangerine colors everyone wears around here don’t seem quite right for me. Considering a “Tiffany’s box” sort of blue!

  33. I love nail polish too!!!! My favs are OPI Cajun Shrimp (orange red) OPI My Chihuahua Bites (Orange Red) OPI Strawberry Margarita (Hot Pink) OPI Linkin Park at Midnight (dark purple)

  34. Just bought my first Essie polish, Nice is Nice. It's a pretty lilac and I LOVE IT. Thanks for the recommendations​, everyone!!

  35. I stumbled across y0ur blog when looking for cute diy hair pins. I absolutely love how you make yours, few diy projects are actually wearable and your tutorials were super helpful, I can’t wait to try making my own. Thank you! I also really enjoyed reading your blog, you are so hilarious! Like I literally laughed out loud when I read some of your posts. I also love Plum Seduction, one of my favorites. Whenever I pick out nail polish I seem to always get the same color, bright pink or bright purple. I need to branch out and try something new, like pastel green or blue…maybe next trip.

  36. This post made me rush out and get bright purple and bright green polish, alternate every other nail and then do a zebra print on top of them! Thanks for the inspiration Morgan. :)

  37. This made me die! Oh that floozy blue. I think it was only the second time I met my boyfriend’s parents.. we were out to dinner and his mom showed me her manicure and started talking about the shade of pink she got and how she saw this girl with blue nails and how wild it was and she could never do that. Suddenly we both nervously looked down at my nails (I wear blue often) which happened to be hot pink that night. We both breathed a sigh of relief and started laughing when she realized I could’ve very well had blue nails. She apologized and told me I could get away with it because I was young. It was a pretty funny first meeting experience since it’s been five years now and my nails have been any shade of the rainbow. :)

  38. I am a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fanatic! I tend to be very impatient, especially waiting for my nails to dry. When I discovered this, I fell in love! By the time you are finished painting the second hand the first one is dry! I have just about every color of that line.

  39. I have an extreme obsession with Essie. I love it, can’t stop buying it. It is a problem but I love it.

  40. You and I have the same taste!! I LOOOOOVVEEEE #1 and #3 as well!!!! There is also an Essie color, its a lighter grey that I am waiting to buy – its beautiful!

  41. I looove nail polish. And mascara.. but you know what’s really bad? I buy every pretty nail polish color I see and then don’t use it!!! Every time I get a pedicure I forgot to bring my own colors and then when I get a mani I normally get a Shellac and you can’t just use regular nail polish for that! I really need to stop buying it =[

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