Disney’s on a roll.

I was browsing Target with the kids today and something caught my eye. Does anyone else notice Belle’s, umm… straw? After all those sexual innuendos Disney has slipped into their movies, I really shouldn’t have been all that surprised. It grossed me out.

29 thoughts on “Disney’s on a roll.

  1. oh my..lol..eek. i didn’t think a thing of it and then i was like..ohhhhhh..lol.
    they could have just stuck it outta her head!

  2. Mmmmm k gross… What I really want to know though? Who in their RIGHT MIND would spend $6 on a CUP?!?!?! Especially when the set right next to it is $8 and includes a bowl and plate… Duh people. Haha

  3. How interesting.. I cannot believe that made it to market! But I’m so glad you took a picture of it :) Here hands almost make it weirder than it already was…

  4. What I think is funny is not only the placement of the “straw” but the expression on her face and the way her hands are crossed. As if she is in awe…

  5. Oh dear, someone clearly didn’t think this through. Not even 1/2 an inch higher so the straw would come out of her stomach?? Come on, Disney!

  6. I definitely saw this at Target last night when I was with my son! What weirded me out even more is that it was in with the regular adult dishes that I was stocking up on for my new apartment.

    Happy Mother’s Day, a few minutes late. =]

  7. Ha I totally have this. My daughter found it on a shelf at Target and would not let it go. My husband took a picture and sent it to his boss, they thought it was hilarious. The body does twist, but that doesn’t really change the fact…..

  8. BAHAHAHA!! Not only did I spray coffee all over my laptop but I also basically implemented me and my morning blog readings at work with a random burst of laughter! A-MAZING!

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