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I feel like if I actually tried to write anything of substance right now, all I’d be able to get out was the opening line of the Spongebob song. So due to the fact that my brain is currently taking a vacation somewhere between Gabba Land and Bikini Bottom, I’ve compiled a list of things that have made me smile lately. Cop-out post alert!

I don’t care if it makes me a geek, I want dem.

  • Sons of Anarchy. Justin and I started watching on Netflix a few weeks ago and immediately became addicted.

What? Doesn’t a show about a biker gang seem like something I’d be into? By the way, Justin wants a motorcycle all of a sudden. Don’t even get me started.

(via …love Maegan)

  • Essie nail polish. Okay, you guys. After this post I took your advice and went out and bought Nice is Nice. My life has been changed foreva. This polish is the best!

  • Having a little extra time for craftiness.

  • Last, but not least, my sweet babies.

Maddie with her cousins on Easter. Such a big girl.

Always sleepy Jack with always sleepy mama.

(I omitted my vampire books and shows for the sake of not looking like a complete crazy person. But yeah, those too.)

What are you loving lately?

24 thoughts on “Stuff I like

  1. Ha! This cracked me up! OMG! He’s getting so big! Seriously I was doing my weekly pregnancy highlights and realized how quickly times going (well not quick enough) but I can’t imagine what it’ll be like once we actually have the baby!

  2. Um, yeah. About Sons of Anarchy? We watched all the seasons a few months ago and when the last episode was over I let out a giant “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” of despair. Having to wait for this next season has been PURE TORTURE. Need moar Jax Teller!

    And also, yes to the Vampire craziness. I am suffering a depression over the ending of Vamp. Diaries. At least I have True Blood to look forward to.

    In other (related) news: Am 14 year old girl. Am lame. The END.

  3. Okay, you HAVE TO do a tutorial for those flower things on your shirt. Have to! I demand it! Because that is so totally adorable and I want to copy you.

  4. Are you on Pinterest? If not, you should be – let me know if you need an invite – you would have soooo much fun!
    And yes – tutorial on the flowers!

  5. Jami: It totally flies by once they get here! You do all that wishing that the pregnancy would be over and then before you know it, they’re 2. wahhhh! Your pregnancy really does seem to be flying by though!

    Heather: We have a few episodes left, but I have a feeling it’s going to be another cliffhanger. Ahhh! And Vampire Diaries, YES. I’m actually reading all the Sookie books right now to hold me over until the show comes back. lol

    Trisha: I will! I promise. :)

    Krista: I am on Pinterest… it’s SUCH an addiction! I spend/waste so much time on that site, it’s a problem.

  6. SOA is AWESOME! I’m so glad you’re watching it; it’s a fantastic show that has something for everyone in it, I think. At least for husbands and wives, anyway. Now I have to go look at those cross stitch patterns and the hair tutorials. My daughter is in love with Tangled right now and keeps asking me to braid her hair…I need to find some new methods!

  7. That braid is adorable! I makes me miss my long hair :( Hey, you know what, I have a hidden stash of vampire books and movies that I don’t let most people see just because some may judge–but I think they’re great :-D. Your baby boy is super cute!

  8. Can you braid my hair like that pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :) My hair is SO long right now, it’s crazy. I was looking at pictures from like when we got engaged and it probably grew a foot, LOL :)

  9. I love the cross stitch of Ferris Bueller! Even their outfits are perfect. So clever.

    I’ve never used Essie polish, but it seems to be a favorite amongst many. I need to bite the bullet and buy a bottle!

    Maddie is getting so big!

  10. Ok, how do i get a pinterest? i have requested an invite a couple weeks ago and still nothing! those i LOVE nice is nice. whenever i put a different nail polish on, i always go back to that one. you, mrs. priss, are too funny. i love your posts.

  11. Your kids are adorable. I can’t believe how much Maddie has grown from when I first started reading. You also have great nails.. I have no children and I don’t have time to make my nails look that nice, maybe I should work on that.

  12. I will not miss an episode of SOA EVER!!! Sometimes even my hubs will be like “Babe want to go out to dinner tonight?” My reply? “NO! SOA comes on in 4 hours! I don’t want to risk missing it!!!!!!!” Haha Yup I’m that obsessed. It’s pretty much the coolest thing since coffee flavored icecream. As for True Blood?!?! I’m a total dweeb for that too… And every time I say “Sookie” I want to bust into song and start singing “Ahhhh sookie sookie now!”

  13. love those wee little stitches! too cute! and i wish i could do lovely braids like that but i’m afraid all the tutorials in the world will not help me. maybe i shall take a peek though, just for kicks.

    and you are a funny girl, sleepy or not!

  14. Bloglovin’ you=)

    Pretty sure my daughter’s first words were “sponge” and “bob”.

    You’re adorable, love reading your blog!

  15. Thank you for posting the etsy link for those adorable x-stitch patterns. They have Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too, perfect for my little-boy-all-grown-up who is getting married soon and would love these in their new home!

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