Maddie’s First Haircut

Today I took the girl to get her first real hair cut. I’ve trimmed it before, but it was sort of getting out of control with the scraggles, so we decided it was time.

Soooo much better!

She did really well sitting in the chair and looked hilariously adorable with the big cape. I was cracking up the entire time because it was such a grown up thing and she’s still so little to me!

(Forgive the camera phone photos)

On the ride home she just kept saying, “I love haircuts!” over and over. I’m glad we finally did it. She loves her new style. :)

20 thoughts on “Maddie’s First Haircut

  1. She did so good getting her first hair cut. She was adorable in the cape and just smiling at herself in the mirror!! I love this girl!

  2. She is so big and cute and has the cutest outfits :) I miss you so much. I wish I could see you every week. Wah :(

  3. I used to read your blog rather often, then I kind of fell out of the blogosphere for a little while … coming back to read this, I am so amazed at how big Maddie has gotten!! Her haircut looks absolutely adorable on her, too. The clean trim makes a big impression!

  4. omg STOP. Stop with the freaking adorable PEEP TOED shoes and adorable outfits!!!! Maddie slays me. And now with the haircut?! I’m dying! She looks so dang cute! I love how she always smiles with her tongue showing, heheh!!! I love her. And you. I miss you guys!!

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