1. Wanna hear something super exciting that will make you want to visit my fair city?
    Every spring – although apparently not this one – about sixty five MILLION tiny little BASTARDS that look similar to that bugger dangle from the trees. That looks like a different bug, but imagine if you will, trying to go for a walk or jog (or walk) to be all healthy with a gazillion of those badboys trying to launch themselves from the heavens/trees. It was fun to live on a busy street, though, because I used to sit in the window and watch people swat at the air and duck and weave.

  2. Oh lord…please delete the first comment! Some times when I’m on the phone with a customer and try to comment things get typed that should be said, like maid.

    Haha! WHY are you doing this to yourself?! What made you decide to go Vegetarian or Vegan? You know there are some cities that don’t have Dog House Grill. :p

    Please tell me you made your husband deal with this!

  3. That’s disgusting..I would have thrown it across the kitchen and ran away. A few times I have found gross bugs inside of ARTICHOKES from Vons :( So nasty. Then you are forever feeling freaked out whenever you are rinsing/preparing veggies. BLECH.

  4. The scary thing is how well it blends with the color of the lettuce. Makes me wonder how many of those bad boys I’ve ingested over the years, yikes!

  5. I remember reading an old book about what to do when washing cabbage, cauliflower, etc. It said to soak the head in vinegar so all the worms would come out!!

  6. NO WAY. I once found a little green worm in a box of raisins. I haven’t eaten raisins since.

  7. That would be my produce box every week…

    But soaking veg in vinegar and a little salt gets rid of them all. :)

  8. Ewww. This happened to me once in high school. Our whole lunch table went to the lunch ladies and showed them the worm that was on my lettuce. She touched it and it squirmed. Then she offered me a slice of pizza. Ha!

  9. Oh yuck, that’s happened to me before also. Want to really just ruin eating for yourself forever? Google and read up on the amount of bugs and bug parts that are allowed in processed foods (ie chocolate especially made me gag/cry). At least you could see him and remove him. I love buying organic and pesticide free, but no pesticides means more little crawly pests. You think that would help me with my never ending diet LOL

  10. one time i was eating some grapes and what did i find curled up between two grapes? A SPIDER! the whole bag went in the trash as soon as i stopped screaming.

  11. holy hell!!
    That has NEVER happened to me before, but I’m aware of those little green guys. They ate through my pumpkin patch last summer.

  12. I am such a half-assed veggie rinser. I pretty much splash water on them and then eat away. So I don’t even want to think about all the bugs and creepy-crawlies I’ve eaten :(

  13. that caterpillar is what a cabbage white butterfly’s baby looks like! :-D No harm (to you!) if you ate him!
    I had a professor once tell me that he would intentionally pick out the produce with the most bugs. “They have less pesticides!” he said!! :)

  14. We used to go mushroom hunting when I was younger for morrels and my mom would fry them. I totally loved them (they tasted like the vat of butter used to make them)… anyway… one time mom was soaking them in salt water and I peaked and saw a nasty fat worm coming out of one!!! My mom said- that’s why we soak them Amy. I haven’t eaten one since…

  15. I could have probably gone my whole life without seeing that and been quite fine. LOL Now, I will always wonder whats lurking in my food. balhfhsdhfjkshfhsghohasdg

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