When you have a Hulk Baby, get these.

Baby humans expand at alarming, hulk-like rates. Which is fine! I adore their little chub rolls and cankles. I am a firm believer that chubby babies make the world go ’round. The thing I find frustrating about it all is how quickly they grow out of their expensive little clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought THE Most Adorable Outfit and had one of my gigantic kids outgrow it by the time I got home from the store. It makes me all angry fists just thinking about it.

Enter Disney Cuddly Bodysuits. Recently, I was able to try out these onesies on Jack and I absolutely LOVED them!

Look at the vintage-looking Winnie the Pooh pattern. Did you just die? Because I died. And then Jack stuck his own foot in his mouth and I died again…

The most awesome thing about these onesies is that they have an extra row of snaps that allow your baby to wear them even longer.

Hulk Baby issue solved. Money saved. Win.

(Is it wrong I kind of want something like this for myself for fat days?)

(Yes, yes it is very wrong. You don’t even have to answer.)

You’ll love them, your cheapskate husband will love them, and your baby’s fat little thighs will just jiggle joyfully with all that extra room. :)

19 thoughts on “When you have a Hulk Baby, get these.

  1. You know, before I even had a chance to really read the post, my first thought was ‘Oh what a cute picture. I love that onesie, I must have it for Troy. I wonder where she got it…’ and then you answered me without having to ask! And Amazon even has a TON of other ones! I love the Monsters Inc ones too :)

    I feel your pain though on giant kids. My second is 8 months old- 32 inches long and 23lbs- he doesn’t seem to fit anything for very long :/ And I’m not sure how I ended up with giant babies, my husband and I aren’t even remotely tall, and we (used to be) skinny. I guess it’s recessive genes from extended relatives.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those bodysuits especially with the extra row of snaps. I found a Disney onesie at a garage sale two years ago that had a row of velcro instead of snaps at the crotch. It was SO much easier to put on that traditional onesies. Wish I could find more of those.

  3. These are adorable! I have a friend who is pregnant with a girl and she will definitely be getting these!

    On a side note- I am not a baby-talk person but Jack’s picture makes me want to coo and baby talk to him or my computer screen, whatever. Love the chunkers! And thank God you are not “one of those moms” who doesn’t like chubby babies. If there’s on thing I can’t stand it’s people who criticize baby fat. That’s why it’s called BEHBEH FAT! Aaaand I’ll just climb down from my soap box now…

  4. Those are really cool!
    You know what’s also annoying, is if your first baby grows supafast and then you have a second baby and she starts of growing supafast and then you buy a size up for summer and then even though she grew into size 6-12mos at 2 months she is still in it at 7 mos and so the 12 mos summer clothes you bought her hang off her all weird and by the time they fit nicely it will be freezing-ass-cold outside.
    If you don’t buy ahead, one morning you wake up and everything way too small. If you do buy ahead, they stop growing and you never get to wear it in season. *menacing fistshake* Some people’s kids. I tell ya.

  5. Morgan,

    Jack is freakin’ adorable!! Really, no surprise there but I just needed to remind you :)

  6. OMG Jack is so adorable! I just want to, well, hmm, that could be taken the wrong way ;)

    I have 3 boys, born in December, March and September. Some things have withstood the test of time (like t-shirts, jeans, receiving blankets and hats) and others are so seasonally opposite, I cringe when I see their cuteness mocking me from the space-bags in the closet.

    #2 was a porker. As in, he had no neck, and only the laws of bendy-baby-physics allowed him to insert a foot in the mouth past his roly-poly tummy. He stretched EVERYTHING out in the tummy and neck, so my long, skinny #3 had constant droopy-drawers and saggy-neck.

    Yay for hand-me-downs, Boo for ill-fitting ones. I suppose I’ll actually have to BUY some clothes for these kids soon…

  7. All of the healthy larger babies in our family turned out to be very healthy, energetic, and slim in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 80’s and all the way up to 99!! The skinny babies/kids turned out to have weight and other problems when they grew up. Very interesting. You have a very healthy and strong baby, which is very important!

  8. i don’t even like winnie the pooh but that is one of the cutest onesies i’ve ever seen. i am now a fan of winnie:)

    and that baby of yours it toooooo cute!

    and i see you still have your sense of humor!

  9. You know, with those pictures, you are unfairly helping my fiance in his quest for a son, lol. But those are absolutely adorable. Our girls are 3, 5, & 6, so every once in a while, I get the baby bug, but then I just go into their bedroom and see the chaos. :)

  10. oh that is sooooo cute Morgan!!! I wish we had those when my kids were babies!!! They always invent these things when your kids have grown up!!

  11. This is too funny because I hate any Disney brand baby clothing due to the complete opposite problem. My daughter is petite and the Disney clothes are humungous on her. Family always gets them as gifts for her, and I always try to put her in them only to find their made for bigger beefy babies like your adorable son. I’m glad my suspicions are right and that they work for you!

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