The Incredible Shrinking Butt

I’m slowwwwwwly getting back into my blogging groove, I promise! I actually have a lot I want to write about, but I’m just feeling a tiny bit nervous about how certain things will be received. Blame the insecure 14 year old who comes out from time to time.

Like, this post. I intend on putting up before and after weight loss pictures, but does anyone really want to read about that? Or will I come across as braggy and self-absorbed? Shouldn’t I be occupied with raising my kids rather than worrying about my looks? I’m going through with showing you the photos, but I’m just saying… it’s hard for me not to feel weird about it. You’d think that by how I speak so openly about pretty much everything that goes on in my life that I’d be all comfortable with putting up a few pictures, but yeah. I’m kind of shy right now. And awkward. Aaaand I’m shutting up now.

So yes, my weight. I gained a whopping 50 pounds and a full-on butt shelf during my pregnancy with Jack. That was no big surprise, seeing as how I ate nothing but crap the entire time. I went from a size 4 to a size 14. YEAH.


Now, I completely expected for that weight to melt off like it did after I had Madeline. With her, I was nursing, running myself ragged, depressed, and back at the office in 5 1/2 weeks. The atmosphere wasn’t quite as relaxed back then. I’ll save my breastfeeding experience for another post, but let’s just say that nursing Jack didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. I was, however, in very high spirits (for which I am extremely thankful), but also pretty high in calories. After giving birth and losing a whole 9 pounds (she says sarcastically), I stayed at that same exact weight for almost two months. NOT OKAY.

Enter Zumba. And the radical change in my eating habits. And the effort I started making to actually get my butt shelf off the couch and go DO something. (Granted, I was spending money and arguing with my toddler over gas medicine in the aisles of Target, but still. I was off the couch!)

For the first time in my life, I made exercise a priority. Let me be very straight with you all here: I DO NOT LIKE TO SWEAT. If sweat had a face, I would punch it. During the time period where that 7 week photo was taken, I was the annoying skinny girl who came to the gym 2 times a week, took an hour long class, and skipped outta there with makeup still perfectly in place. For some reason, having a second kid has sent me into my own little sweaty hell over here. I don’t get it. I walk out of the gym looking like a mentally unstable swamp creature.

Anyway, after 3 months of watching what I eat and working out 4-5 times a week, I am so happy to say I’ve lost 40 pounds. My body is so different than it’s ever been and far from perfect (thanks, babies), but I’m not that upset about it. I’m just proud of myself for doing this the right way for once.

March 2011, chowing down with full force.
July 2011, taken at the same restaurant.

I’m also currently doing The 30 Day Shred, so when I’m finished I will show the full body changes. For now, you get my face. :)

Edited to add:

It’s been brought to my attention that some of the things I’ve expressed about my body changes and weight gain have come across pretty harsh. I just want to apologize and clarify: I do NOT think a size 14 woman is gross, unhealthy, or unattractive. No way, no how. I never intended to single anyone out when I said what I did, so I’m sorry, ladies.

For me, though? Gaining 50 pounds in such a short period of time made me jump 5 sizes and THAT made ME feel unhealthy. Curves are beautiful, I think women with big booties are fabulous, and I’ll just leave it at that. xoxo


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  1. Hi Morgan! I know i’ve posted before, but i just wanted to say that i love reading your blog. You really do keep a smile on my face…and i really do enjoy reading…all of these post. I am now pregnant with my first kid, and i love to read about how my body WILL in fact change…and so on and so forth. I really hope you share all the juicy info that goes along with that…because, i’ve already started to notice some, NOT OK things going on with my body.
    I also want to say that i read a while back that you suffered from PPD…and how great of a mother you are…(well, at least…you appear to be, since i only know you from blogland). Keep up the good work, your kids are adorable. God bless, and PLEASE…never hold anything back…i’m all ears (or eyes). :) Thank you for being so honest. Looking forward to seeing the NEW BOD…and definitely want to know how you managed to go VEGAN…i can only imagine, it isn’t easy.
    thanks again!

  2. you go girl! I wish I could say I was equally motivated but I am on the couch and just polished off a bag of cookies. My abs are still sore from Zumba last night so I’m pretty sure they don’t count right? No? p’shaw. ;) I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t be anything smaller than a size eight if I wanted to with my linebacker body structure, but I’m size 12 right now and could do with a little more ‘self discipline’ and a little less ‘nomnomnom cookies’…
    know this, though, your zumba post where I was all like HOW AM I NOT DOING ZUMBA ALREADY ended with me not only joining a zumba class (sadly only once a week, so fun/horrible/fun) but also dragging two of my friends along for the ride. So now I’m all like PAAAAAUSE *arm circle*

  3. Morgan, I think you’re awesome. And I totally want to see your results and hear about your life. It’s not braggy at all. I think that’s why all of us come here. (Plus, if talking about your weight loss makes you braggy, then it makes me braggy too.)

    I did the 30 Day Shred last year! Weirdly enough, I found level 1 to be the hardest. And level 3 was my favorite. And even after a month and doing level 2 and 3, going back to 1 was hell. I hate level 1. It can die, for all I care.

  4. Haha! I’d like to kindly say shut up! Totally kidding! I’m just laying on the couch, an official stay at home wife (soon to be mom), and I’m determined to jump start this whole exercise thing once I’m over this cold.

    You seriously look great! I am really impressed with your changes and discipline!

  5. Sounds similar to what I’ve gone through with my kids. After my daughter, the weight fell off. Granted I was breastfeeding and had absolutely no appetite for almost 2 months after she was born topped off with the fact that she was the first baby and I was stressing out the whole time. By the time she was 9 months old, I was skinnier than I had been pre-baby. My son had serious issues with breastfeeding so by the time he was 2 months, he was bottle fed. Plus I couldn’t stop eating after he was born. He’s 14 months old now and, although I’ve lost the pregnancy weight, the weight I have is redistributed and not in a good way. :)

  6. MORGAN! WOW!!!! I’m SO proud of you, Zumba and eating right, plus 8-9 hrs a week at the gym was how I lost 30 lbs. I’m SOOOO FREAKING proud of you. You’re a blasted inspiration!

  7. Cole: Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet feedback! You just managed to give me a little more courage to share the crazy stuff. :)

    Laura: Girl, you crack me up. Pause is one of my favorites right now, so I knew exactly what you were talking about with the ‘arm circle’ thing, bahaha. I get WAY into that song, it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m so happy you’ve recruited some of your friends though… so awesome! Zumba addicting, fo sho.

    Trisha: I don’t even know where to start with you, lady. You are looking amazing lately! I always check out your Nutrisystem posts… so incredibly motivating! And yes, I have to agree that Level 1 of the shred has to be the worst, by far. I think it has something to do with how freaking BORING it is. I actually enjoy doing the walking push ups in Level 2, haha!

    Carly: Thank you! xoxo

    Hannah: It’s soo much different the second time around, right?? BAH. That’s so great you were able to lose all the weight this time… that gives me motivation to keep going and lose these last 10.

    Rachel: I’ve seen pictures of you lately and you are looking mighty fine, woman! You’re at Shapemakers, right? I’m thinking of quitting Bally’s and heading across the street. That’s where I took my Zumba class before I got pregnant with Jack. We can be workout buddies! :)

    Kori: I love you for that. No, seriously. Come here.

  8. ZUMBA is the best! I gained about 25 lbs with my son Jackson. With breastfeeding, most of it melted off pretty fast (OK, it took eight months, I wasn’t in a terrible hurry…)but I still COULD NOT get rid of the last 7 lbs! Then I discovered Zumba and after making myself a priority again, I look better than I did before getting pregnant.
    I, too, was the skinny girl going to spinning twice a week and not breaking a sweat. I just didn’t need to! But with Zumba, it’s fun and you don’t realize you’re getting such a good work out! Another one I really like is Brazillian Butt Lift. Don’t laugh, it really works! :)

  9. Wow! You are amazing! I’m thinking of trying Zumba soon (my daughter is 13 weeks old and I need to do something!!), I’ve heard such great things. The only thing that holds me back is that I don’t have anyone near me who can go to the classes with me. Just have to suck it up and go alone!

  10. YAYYYY for you!! I love hearing stuff like this. I’m starting the Shred (again) too. And by starting, I mean I did it once two weeks ago. I need to get my butt in gear!!

    Also – I love that striped cardigan in the 2nd to last picture. WHERE IS IT FROM?

    And – this line? “If sweat had a face, I would punch it.” made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of the text I sent Dave last night when the trains were all messed up “Eff these effing trains. And their mothers.” Except the Effs were actual curses. :)

  11. This is so not braggy in any facet – I wish you didn’t feel that way! It sounds like you’re doing a really amazing job and you should keep up the hard work. This blog is about you, you know ;) It’s all right to post things like this!

  12. Thank you for being so real! :) I applaud you for posting this even though you felt a little uncomfortable about it! As one who has not yet started having kiddos, it is great for me to hear this perspective! thanks again! Your pics look great!

  13. Can’t wait to see your results! I’m sure you already look great!

    I’m not looking forward to working off all of these cookies I have been eating during pregnancy but I plan on taking notes from you! Good luck!

  14. Good for you :) Be proud of taking it off the right way!! I am almost ready to try Zumba. But then the fact that its held in the glass front studio facing the cardio room in the gym stops me. Because I will look like an ass.

  15. First of all: Wow! You’re an inspiration :) I’m currently pregnant with baby no. 2 and I know that I will gain a whole lot more weight this pregnancy than the last…

    Second: I think you look amazing in all the pictures, and I mean it!

    Third: don’t worry about what others may think. It’s your blog and we’re all reading it because it’s fun, inspiring and about things we all know/worry/think about :)

    Keep it up!

  16. That is amazing! Your discipline is crazycakes. Also, your arms look great. I’m just fixated on that because I can never get mine like that, no matter how hard I try. Keep it up!

  17. Alysha: I’ll have to try that workout! I’m all for ridiculous workouts if they deliver good results. :)

    Brandi: You should totally try it! It’s really not bad to go alone… you make friends really quickly. There’s a lot to talk and laugh about, with all the booty shakin going on. You’ll bond like sisters, lol.

    Lacey Bean: Bahaha! The trains! And I’m currently on my little 5 day break from the Shred right now, so don’t feel too bad. It’s really going to end up being like, the 50 Day Shred by the time I’m done. And the cardigan was from Forever21. Thank you! xo

    Claudia: Thank you so much for that bit of encouragement! I know I shouldn’t feel so silly putting up pictures of myself on my own flipping blog. It’s dumb and I need to get over it. I’m interested in seeing other people, so they probably are too, right?

    Katy Lin: Thank you! I hope I don’t scare the sweet, childless readers away with my bluntness. It’s good to know it’s still interesting to you, as well. :)

    Megan: Woman, don’t even mention that word to me right now. I’m on the verge of a major vegan relapse right now, lol.

    Ashley: xoxoxo, I will keep on going with updates. Thank you!

    Karri: The thought of that gives me hives and makes me cry a little. Whyyyyy would they do that!? I took a Zumba class like that once at our city’s indoor soccer place. There were macho, muscley soccer player guys peeking in the entire time. So annoying!

    Hanna: I love you for that, thank you. I’ll eventually get over my little weirdness about talking about myself on my blog (I know how silly that sounds, haha). Your encouragement helps!

    Drea: Thank you! My arms were the first thing I was all, “THEY NEED TO GO” about. I’m kind of a push up obsessed freak.

  18. Holy Wall of Text, Batman! Could I have shortened any of those replies a little? Sheesh.

  19. You are always adorbs, cheese eating or no. But man I wish we lived closer so I could feed off your workout-addicted-energy! I’m very begrudgingly doing level three tonight with my coworkers. Thankfully they’re pretty good at guilting me into working out.

  20. Oh Honey!! This was like reading my own story!!! You are a hoot..hehe. Roughly, 20 years ago I was EXACTLY where you are. Congrats on the great attitude and stick to it “ness” that you have. I couldn’t pull my self out of the”baby blues” and have struggled with my weight off and on since. I Finally go it together and have started loosing. I just wish I could have when my girls were small. I would have had more energy to keep up with them. Enjoy your success!! You should be proud!

  21. your beautiful either way! it’s ll about how you FEEL…and if being smaller makes you feel better..YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for you, great job!

  22. You are my inspiration! You should be so proud of yourself. I hope you get back in the groove of blogging very soon because by GOLLY I love reading it.

  23. Oh man, you are amazing! I’ve been attempting to lose weight for surgery for like…6ish months. I’ve gotten about 20 off, but I weigh a lot more than you haha. Now I’m more motivated going to gym..since you got off twice I did in half the time. Congrats!!

  24. 40 lbs in 3 months is DAYUM good in my book!!! Good job!! I’m doing the 30 day shred too!! Can’t say I’ve been doing it every single day though, but most days of the week yes. Hows it going for you?

  25. Girl, you look great! And psh if I looked like that after having a baby, you can be dang sure I would post pictures! Be proud! Anyone who takes issue with it is just jealous. I wish I could have shredded the pounds like that after having my daughter. My problem is that I have absolutely no will power when it comes to food, I just can’t say no. Anyways, I love reading your site, keep it up. And know that self gratification is healthy! <3

  26. It’s not self-absorbed to be interested in your body and weight. After all, we all want to look good and NEED to look good especially after pushing out a baby the size of a watermelon and feeding till our boobs sag to the floor!
    You look great!! Well done! *PS I so get the “hate sweating thing” me too!!

  27. You are doing great! I was the opposite, gained the most with my 1st born. Went from a 3 to a 16. As soon as I could I started working out, and I had never “worked out” before. I did crunches and areobics 5 days a week and then some. LOL I had my 10 yr high school reunion coming up! In 8 mths I lost all but 10 lbs, and that last little bit was a b**ch to loose! But I did it. With my 2nd, I barely gained 30 lbs (wth?) but I made myself lay off the fast food diet I lived during my first preg. Good luck to you! I love reading your blog!

  28. I’m doing 30 Day Shred right now too – do you also pretend like you’re punching Jillian in the face during those squat/punch thingies??
    Girl, I gained 50 lbs with my first, and as soon as I started working out and eating right afterward it just all slid off. I only gained 30 (only??) with my second, and I had to watch every bit I ate for a YEAR to get the last 15 off. No muy bueno.

  29. Congrats on your weight loss! I’m doing the 30 Day Shred right now too, I started awhile ago but quit because of being horribly sick for over a week, there was nothing to give me energy for that workout! I’m back at it though, it still hurts every single time but a couple hours after I feel great lol!

  30. Yay, congratulations! I can definitely see a difference in your face – you look great and super pretty.

    I gained 44 pounds (size 4 to size 12) when my son was born. I had every intention of leaving the hospital at least 20 pounds lighter (THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE TOLD ME HAPPENED TO THEM. BITCHES) but I think I lost 8 pounds. And he weighed 6.13 of them. Gag. Four years later and I’m still holding on to an extra 15.

    Your post is inspiring – hopefully I can say the same thing in 3 months :)

  31. Aw, Morgan, your butt-shelf is/was much more adorable than my butt-self.
    I will say though, congrats and mucho internet sent encouragement for your diet changes and workouts! You have DEFINITELY lost weight off your face and you look fantastic, even though you did before.

  32. Morgan – if you can believe that little ‘ol me from *freezing* South Africa has spent the last 2 days (yes, at work, between the bosses hourly stalk-past) poring over your blog! You.are.awesome.period. Keep up the good work! and btw, I haven’t had ANY frikken kids and I WISHED I looked like you do! :0)

  33. You go girl!!! I too had to kick myself in the butt and lose some weight. Too bad I couldn’t really blame it on having a baby anymore, because that weight did fall off…..but I gained it all back just eating whatever the heck I wanted, lol. Why must it be so hard?!?! Moving on, I borrowed the 30 Day Shred and have done it once and it kicked my butt. I need to make myself slowly do it again. I need to tighten ;)
    Again, great job on staying so motivated, it payed off!! Looking forward to your next results! Keep up the hard work!!

  34. While I totally support anyone’s quest to lose weight (in a healthy way) it really rubbed me the wrong way that you kept insisting being a size 14 is “NOT OKAY”…that’s not a normal size for you to be, but many people are and it really IS okay. Living a healthy lifestyle, having good eating habits and exercising means that I’m a size 14 at my SKINNIEST. And I’m okay! I’m not hideous or gross or anything. Shocking, I know.

  35. Pretty sure I’d never, ever be able to lose baby weight if it weren’t for making milk. I lost my weigh stupidly easy (30 Day Shred helped me lose the last few lbs, though).

    I’m really really happy that you were able to do it on your own. You are amazing.

    Are you still vegan? Tell me more….

  36. eff the haters. you’re hot. and you worked hard for it, so own it. YAY!

    sizes be damned, it’s mainly about your BMI. the most hated acronym in the history of women.

    and this is coming from someone who should know. because currently my BMI is like 90 gazillion.

    srsly. maybe 90 gazillion and 1.

  37. I apparently need to try out this zumba business because I’m still trying to lose weight I gained 3+ years ago!

    Glad you found a plan that worked for your body… can’t wait to get there myself!

  38. I <3 you and love that you post as if everyone of your readers is an old friend! You look awesome (and you looked awesome in your pregnancy photo too).

    Great job on losing so much weight. I went from a size 5 to a who knows what with my 1st daughter, I gained… wait for it… over 60lbs. She was 9lbs 13oz but I think that's about all I lost when I had her LOL I nursed for 3 1/2yrs, didn't matter I stayed FAR over my "happy weight". I had her sister 6yrs later and thankfully only gained about 25lbs that time but I was still pushing over 200lbs. I swore I'd make it different this time, but here I am with a 15 month old and a 7yr old and still 35lbs overweight.

    Thank you for the inspiration to get off my own butt shelf and do something, I even ordered the Zumba dvd's… now to find time to use them!

  39. You go girl – I am so impressed! You look amazing either way but work it girl!!! Very happy for you and proud! Thank you for the inspiration I’m currently in weight loss mode I lost 12 lbs. and I’m working on more before my big wedding day in October! ox

  40. I “stumbled” on this blog a few months back and have been following it. I think your weight loss is great and something to be proud of. Don’t worry about apologizing to people who may tell you it’s ok to be a size 14, maybe that’s ok for them but you have to do what’s ok for you. Good Job!

  41. Totally get what you are saying. Coming from a person who is 4’9″ & 85 lbs pre-baby weight, I was mortified to see my scale at 120 (which is considered obese for my height). I remained that weight for a better portion of the 2 yrs after I had Jordan (I was about 135 in the hospital with him). I figured I’d slim down to the little petite self I was before – OH was I sadly mistaken. Just last year I reached my goal of being 100 lbs. again (which is the ideal weight for my height). I actually realized my body looks better with a little extra weight (especially in the boob department)
    Now pregnant with baby #2 – the booty growth is in full force (hub aint complaining).

    Just know you aren’t alone, do your thang & have fun doing it ;D

  42. “If sweat had a face, I would punch it.” ROTF…can barely get my laugh out. This statement just made my day:)

  43. That is so awesome, I am so happy for you! Please don’t ever be afraid to share whatever the heck you feel like on your blog. That is why it is your blog, not someone else’s and frankly that is why you have so many interested readers, We like what you have to say and we relate to you because of your honesty so please don’t ever change that. The people that enjoy it will stick around, and the people that don’t like it can not read it or we will just ignore them when they twist your intentions into something ugly : )

  44. Thank you so much for posting this, I love to see women document and tell about their healthy lifestyle changes. When I got married on the pill and being a housewife in the past two years (I hate admitting this number) my weight has gone up 40 lbs! Birth co trol, changing hormones, and our love of all ice cream has changed my body. Reading your blog encourages me that I need to get off the couch and go to the gym. Thanks!

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