Six of my favorite new uses for mason jars

I’m taking a cue from Mandy and her hilarious video blog she posted to talk about something I’m loving right now… mason jars. I know they’ve been around forever and every grandma we know has a huge collection somewhere out back, but lately people are finding more and more creative ways to use them. What I love most about these projects is how inexpensive the jars are and how you can find them pretty much anywhere!

Thanks to my favorite time wasting site, Pinterest (seriously, don’t even join if you don’t plan on getting sucked in for hours), I’ve found some really great tutorials I want to share with you guys. I’m sure we’ve all seen them used to store homemade jams and jellies or to drink beverages from, so here are a few other ideas. Enjoy!


  1. An adorable way to upcycle a plain glass mason jar. I love the way she used the twine!
  2. Make giving a gift card more personal with a snow globe.
  3. Such a cute time capsule idea!
  4. If I could keep a plant alive for more than a week, I would totally do this.
  5. A soap dispenser!
  6. Use jars to serve individual portions of ice cream at a party. Dying over this.


I know you creative little things have some ideas of your own. Care to share them with the class?

13 thoughts on “Six of my favorite new uses for mason jars

  1. Okay, I LOVE these – thank you so much for sharing! I just rediscovered my love for Mason jars while I was using them as centerpieces in my wedding… there were a TON of really, really old ones left in our house when we bought it last year, and I’d love to do something cool with them. Looks like I just found some ideas!

  2. Pinterest has consumed my life! I saw a cute tutorial on how to frost a mason jar with white school glue, food coloring, and dawn dish soap. Totally beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I bought a bunch of mason jars to use as food containers for my daughter’s circus bday party and have been trying to figure out what to do with the ones that my hubby ISN’T using for sweet tea drinking. We live in military base housing so it’s hard to decorate these houses so these ideas will definitely liven the place up a bit!

  4. Wellllll, besides the fact that we use mason jars in our house as drinking glasses, AND we just had a western wedding where we used mason jars for pretty much everything (flower holders for tables, toasting glasses for the bridal party, aisle markers…), I just used some of the leftover jars on 4th of July! I made cupcakes in a jar!
    They were delicious and everyone thought they were so cute!

  5. i love mason jars our house has a country vinyard theme so i use these with flowers on our dinner table and other tables in our house these other ideas are really cute too

  6. I completely agree about Pinterest. I’m completely addicted and have fallen madly in love with the site. It has sparked a creative itch that I am trying to scratch. LOL. I’d love it if you shared your name on Pinterest so we could follow you!! You are awesome!! :)

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