Weekend craftiness: Wreaths and other shenanigans

This weekend, a few of us got together to celebrate my dear friend Alyssa’s 20-hrmphhth… birthday! If you guys don’t already follow her blog, pop on over and take a look around. She’s one of the craftiest little ladies I know and always manages to inspire me somehow. Also, she bakes cupcakes. You’ll love her.

I had a feeling she’d appreciate a handmade gift, so I whipped up a yarn wreath for her and myself and a little embroidery thingamabob. I say ‘whipped up’, but if you’ve ever made a yarn wreath, you know I’m a filthy, rotten liar because it takes about as long to make as it does to watch 3 trashy VH1 reality shows. I don’t know from experience or anything though… just saying.

P.S. I do not embroider or sew at all, so don’t judge the little rain cloud project too harshly. Whenever a craft project doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I just say “it has charm” and pretend I wanted it to look that way. Really though, this looks like a 5 year old did it, ha!

Just wanted to give you guys a few more example of what you can do with the oh-so-addictive yarn wreath. I think my count is about up in the teens now. I just love those things!

[ See a few other wreaths I’ve made here: 1 | 2 | 3 ]

18 thoughts on “Weekend craftiness: Wreaths and other shenanigans

  1. Love the wreaths! The embroidered cloud is adorable too!

    Can I ask where you get your felt? I feel like the big name craft stores always have bright primary colors but never have anything more muted.

  2. Brandi: Thank you! I get most of my felt from shops on Etsy. The Giant Dwarf is my favorite seller…she has A TON of colors!

  3. It’s supposed to rain this Saturday and while I’m complaining it means no beach day, secretly I’m excited because it means I can watch The Hills and make a(nother) yarn wreath. Pretty much the only craft I can successfully complete. Yours look great as does the rain cloud!

  4. Ughhh! I really LOVE the yarn wreaths but the thought of the tedious wrapping just does not sound fun. I’m lazy, lol…I need to just DO IT! Very cute wreaths!

  5. LOVE your wreaths… they are so awesome! i have only made one so far but plan on making more and more! they are so cute and it’s so nice that you can decorate them however you want/for any occasion/ to go along with your decor! you’re OH so crafty, morgan!

  6. I love YOU and I love my goodies :) I love the color of the yard you put on your wreath, too.

    Damn yarn wreaths. Always gotta be a pain!

  7. I ADORE that embroidery project! Adorbs. You’re inspiring me to actually do something with all the embroidery hoops I have laying around (no, really, I have like a dozen).

    And your wreaths are my favorite. Love, love, love.

  8. Seriously, why don’t you make and sell these things? They’re gorgeous! Even with a tutorial, some of us don’t have enough creative energy to pull it off. You have such a great eye for color combinations, materials and textures.

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