Mr. Tubbins

This is just a quick little update on my massive baby boy.

Jack is 5 and a half months, which blows my mind. It seriously feels like he just got here!

Since the very beginning, he’s been the most mellow baby, which to be honest, we FREAKING DESERVED after going through 2+ years with his extremely hyper/picky sister. It’s so nuts how siblings can be so incredibly different. I love not having to bounce and rock him constantly in order for him not to burst out in screams. The atmosphere around here is so relaxed and it’s a nice change!

Not that Maddie isn’t awesome in her own silly, hyper way. I adore that girl and wouldn’t want to change a thing about her sassy little self. Jack’s just different and so much easier than she was as an infant.

(Cue the finger wagging comments about how I’m not supposed to compare my children. yadda yadda yadda)

Jack and Papa (my sweet dad) at one of Justin's baseball games

He’s almost always happy, though he doesn’t smile very often. That, I don’t fully understand, but as long as he’s chill, I try not to question it. He’s cuddly, chubby (20 pounds, to be exact), and hardly ever cries. This kid was taken directly out of one of my dreams and plopped in my arms. I could have never¬†imagined it being so easy.

Now that I’m almost positive I’ve jinxed myself, please excuse me while I go prepare to clean up an epic poo-splosion of some sort. That’s the only thing this kid does wrong. Poops too much.

24 thoughts on “Mr. Tubbins

  1. I had my second daughter a few months ago and it’s the exact same here! She’s so much calmer and easy to please. It definately feels like a reward after our first. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy it too!

  2. 5 and a half months already?! Where does the time go? Mommy hopes that baby Squishy is similar in temperament to Jack, because I’m definitely more like Maddie!

  3. Morgan, I think its not that he’s a better baby, I think you are a better mom! You probably know how to set the stage to have a mellow baby now that you aren’t a rookie. Also, you get to be with him more than your daughter, so maybe that helps? I am hoping anyway that its not some twist of fate or good luck, for my sake! My second baby (14 lbs, 4 months, less squishy, equally as happy) is a dream baby, making me want another baby in the future. I cannot consider that the 3rd baby will be as picky as the first baby! So I wish that for you, too!!! :)

  4. oh i hope thats how boys are, it would be such a relief if liam comes out mellow and easy. fingers crossed xx

  5. Oh gosh I love his chubs!

    Jilly was mostly easy until the late twos when she started having attitude and decided that she knows better than everyone else. Ethan was so sensitive in everything. Gosh that kid… exactly as you describe with all the rocking and bouncing, etc. So far Henry is the easiest of them all, so mellow and sweet. ;)

  6. Amen for chill babies! I can’t believe he’s 20 pounds! My 18 month old is 24 pounds!
    I feel extremely fortunate to have had a very low key, chill baby the first time, which makes me VERY hesitant to do it a second. Love the updates!!

  7. He is so cute!! He reminds me of my brother when he was a baby. Giant cheeks! Each child is so different I am glad you have a calmer one now. My bf’s daughter is a handful so I hope that one day when we have another the baby will be calm like me.

  8. He’s getting so big!! And cute! I’m so relieved to hear stories of mellow babies – it gives me hope for our little beast when he/she arrives in November. Because as of now they aren’t showing any signs of being chill, if the constant kicking and punching is any indication.

  9. Dude, you look amazing. How do you have two kids in your hair, were pregnant 5 and half months ago, and still look THAT amazing?! I wish I didn’t love your blog so much so I could hate you. :D Lots of love.
    And ps I died about 4 times from looking at all that sweet babyboy chub.

  10. awww, what a chubbers! love it! I want to nibble him!
    Olivia only has one pound on the little guy at nearly nine months! She was a porkchop to start off with but she’s been wearing six mos size since she was 2 months and the clothes are still going strong. I think I’ve replaced most of my wardrobe by now, it’s starting to get awkward how I can’t really shop for her because I’m waiting for her to grow a little. oh and SHE STARTED WALKING this week. whaaat theeee craaaap, right. But for the moment, she’s slower walking than crawling. For the moment.

  11. He is absolutely adorable, precious, handsome, the list goes on and on. I think his serious demeanor just adds to his adorable and good natured mannerism. His big sissy looks like she is so good with him! You are blessed with two beautiful babies!

  12. My own personal Jack sounds a lot like your daughter, which is to say I pray daily that my imaginary second child is a mild, sent-from-the-perfect-baby-store version that your (adorable!) Jack seems to be from. Well done you.


    And apparently I only comment on your blog in all caps. Ever. IM REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC!

  14. My kids are the EXACT same way…kid #1 almost killed us and kid #2 was so mellow as a baby that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves…. though he definitely made up for it as a busy toddler!
    You deserved a break with the second!!! :)

  15. Can I just say that A- I love your blog (I can relate to almost every mom/kid related post!) and B- I can DEFINITELY relate to this post. I have a 5 (almost 6) year old daughter and a 3 month old son and already I can see 1,001 differences. My daughter is loud, outgoing, crazy, stubborn, and beautiful and my son is quiet, happy, adorable, and quiet. And while I love my daughter more than the world and am so happy she is already a strong minded little woman I am SO happy to have an easy-going, mellow, happy little dude. :) Even though much like your not-so-smiley son, I can’t get mine to laugh! …. I’m working on that.

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