Currently crafting…

This is my first attempt at making crepe paper flowers and I have to say, they’re quite fun! I’m making them to go on a wedding cake, of all the scary, intimidating things. Cripes, just a little bit of pressure. They’re something new, but I figured I’ve made a thousand fabric flowers… paper can’t be that much different, right?

I’ll post some photos of the After, with all the flowers on the cake, Ă  la Martha Stewart Weddings:

Hoo lawdy, I need more practice. Wish me luck.

17 thoughts on “Currently crafting…

  1. Oh so you’re just going to tell us about your adorable paper flowers an not post a tutorial? The rudest! And good luck I can’t wait for post pictures. And the tutorial.

  2. Just found your blog from Meli Faif Life – love those flowers! I am so going to have to try that (once you post the tutorial!! LOL)

  3. they are coming out so beautiful thus far. i have full faith in you! i know it’s going to come out just amazing and so don’t you worry about the pressure one bit! if a few come out wonky, then you can just make some more, right? right.

  4. they look awesome!! i’m more jealous of all the awesome colors of crepe paper you’ve got.

    and i most definitely worship at the altar of martha.

  5. Hey – I still follow your blog to see how things are going, even though I have neglected my blog (embarrassed face)….haha, oops.

    Pretty flowers!!

    And….now I’m following you on Pinterest….I’m addicted, as well. :-)

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