STRIPES. All up in yo face.

Beware. In the next couple posts, you’re going to see a lot of pictures of me in this striped shirt on our filthy back patio.

Photos of me happen about every six months, so when I do take them and I don’t feel like I look sasquatch-like, I use them to update all my stuff. It’s just how I roll. Check my Facebook and Twitter… Ol’ Stripey will probably be there too.

Just think of me as the Where’s Waldo of the internet.

Look over there —> See? I’M EVERYWHERE!

Carry on.

16 thoughts on “STRIPES. All up in yo face.

  1. Someday I’ll get brave and use a picture of myself online. I love the look on Jack’s face, his down turned smiles are the cutest!

  2. Hahah I do the exact same thing! I find taking photos of myself exhausting so when I do one good “photo shoot” where I don’t look too awful I use those pictures for months until the next time.. usually when I change my hair color again. :)

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