Tutorial – Sequins and Nuts Necklace

I’m nuts. You’re nuts. Let’s wear some nuts.

I think we’ve all seen some of the crazy/awesome hardware jewelry floating around Pinterest and such. This is actually pretty genius because I think we all have extra hardware accumulating in a junk drawer somewhere. Why not make something unique? WHY NOT, I SAY!?



  • Chain swiped from an old broken necklace
  • 2 packages of sequins from the craft store (.79 whole cents each)
  • Hex nuts, found in your local hardware store or junk drawer (I used 22)

Before I go any further, I feel I must point out one creepy detail…

Devilish smirking Baileys cup will haunt your dreams for all time. Onward!


I disassembled the old necklace and cut it to the desired length.

In keeping with the whole hardware theme I have going on, I used a washer as part of the clasp. I don’t know why, I just felt like it.

Now I know this was naughty, but I used several strands of black thread and a needle to string my nuts and sequins. I basically tied knots to the ends of each hanging chain, which is just dumb, but I didn’t have jewelry wire. Use that instead, mmk? I’m going to replace it the first chance I get. Or, you know, when it breaks.

As far as the beading pattern, I just did what felt well with my soul. I imagine if you used another color of sequins or silver nuts you can have a completely different look. I’m probably going to make a bracelet next.

As always, my favorite thing about this is that it was cheap. I love cheap crafts. This whole thing costed me about two bucks. Not bad!

I just said the word ‘nuts’ more times than any human being should in one blog post. Or in her lifetime.

15 thoughts on “Tutorial – Sequins and Nuts Necklace

  1. This is so cute! I made a necklace using rope, embroidery thread, and washers earlier this summer. This might have to be made to continue my “Ace Hardware Jewelry”.

  2. oh sweet Morgan! I adore you :) I have a hard enough time keeping up with every day whatnot and I don’t even have babies yet!!! Keep your chin up darling, cause I think you’re doing it all right. :)

  3. Great idea Morgan! After reading your tutorial, I starting eyeballing my old necklaces to see which ones I could take apart. Maybe I’ll have to go and “borrow” a couple of nuts and/or washers from hubby’s stash in garage. :-)

  4. Just found your blog. Love everything.

    But your creepy bailey’s cup? I used to eat soup out of it (obviously not YOURS) when I was sick. My mom called it the “Sick Cup.” As an adult, I think I know why… ;)

    Oh! And really cute necklace!

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