Dear Pinterest

My love. My sweet love.

You carry me through sleepless nights.

You inspire me to better myself in ways I could have never imagined.

Without you, I wouldn’t know 500 different ways to braid my hair

I wouldn’t be longing to follow all those recipes to make something fatty and delicious.

I would have never caught an early glimpse of this adorable throw blanket from Target that I wanted so very very much, and then had the Ebay vultures in my town swoop down and steal it from my fingertips an hour before I was able to make it to the store so they could sell them online for more money because they’re selfish, evil monsters and no I’m not bitter at all. (True story.)

I wouldn’t know the cheapest way to make a wreath

or the magical way to get sand out of my baby’s cracks and crevices at the beach.

And most important of all, I wouldn’t have been quite as terrified of Paula Deen as I am now.

Oh, Pinterest. Stay with me forever.

18 thoughts on “Dear Pinterest

  1. THOSE DAMN VULTURES! TARGET WAS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE WITHIN MINUTES!!!! Now…we’ll have to drool over them, 5x the price on ebay/craigslist. SIGH :-/

  2. pinterest makes me happy!

    You could learn to crochet or knit and make a blanket just like that one! I want to make one, I like the colors!

  3. Oh, Paula Deen. I luff her and all her buttery ways!

    And I give a side-eye to all the Ebay-ers who swooped down and bought all my Missoni for Target dream items! They don’t even like Missoni!! …Sigh. I would’ve been happy with just ONE piece of stripey, mis-matched love…but no.

    See you on Pinterest!

  4. shut the eff up i laughed like the hardest i’ve ever laughed at that paula dean picture. like, hysterically.

  5. Also addicted.

    What cracks me up, though, is all the stuff made with paint chips. I’m thinking, wouldn’t it look odd to walk into Lowe’s and grab handfuls of paint chips? Where are these people getting all these paint chips??

  6. I love that there’s a pinterest app so I can really just look at pretty things all the time and not do anything I’m supposed to do. I mildly dislike that now all my friends have joined and they may notice that I am pinning all day. I guess only if they’re pinning all day too. Hypocrites.

  7. Ugh, I really wanted that blanket too. The colors remind me of the southwest. Why are those eBay vultures such selfish jerks?! I’m still not over it, a week later! Boo! That braided ‘do is way cute though!

  8. p.s.
    I glanced at your interior design pins and I’m pretty sure I should just re-pin every single one! I haven’t been on pinterest in a bit — that site really overwhelms me!

  9. Just so you know how awesome you are…when I googled Pinterest, this post was on the first page of the search.

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