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For realsies though, this is my absolute favorite time of year. Not because of pumpkin spice lattes or the scarves and boots or the gourds of all shapes and sizes. Nonono… it’s because I can now dedicate 3 hours of each weeknight to sitting on my butt, eating something dippable and watching my stories.

I’m getting all sentimental just thinking about it.

What are my stories, you ask? Let’s dive right into the magnificently murderous world of…

Oh, Dextah. You devilish brute. This show is SERIOUSLY CREEPY, but oh man is it good. I’m sure everyone knows the basic plot, but he’s a serial killer who kills serial killers. Mindbottling, isn’t it?

Next up, Parks and Recreation, or how I lovingly refer to it: Parks and Recre-aysh. Shaving off that one syllable makes it so much more simple. Anyway, I hated this show before I even watched an episode because I thought it was a ripoff of The Office, but I’m glad I got over myself. I’m going to go all wild and declare that it is “LITERALLY” funnier than The Office.

Tom Haverford. That’s all I have to say.

Revenge is a new show that I just happened to stumble upon one night. Justin makes fun of me for getting so into it, but I can’t help it… it’s addictive. I hope it sticks!

Of course, anyone who’s been around this blog for more than a minute can tell I’m pretty much obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. For a show that’s supposed to be for teens, I have to give it props. I don’t think it’s predictable at all (again, Justin makes fun). The only thing wrong is that Ian Somerhalder isn’t in every scene. Amirite or amirite?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sons of Anarchy may have the cast with the greasiest hair on television, but it’s still great. Jax Teller is a biker after my own heart or something like that.

My list goes on and on, really. Modern Family, Fringe, The Walking Dead¬†and Being Human… all fantastical. I have a feeling I would watch pretty much everything if there were 6 more hours in the day. Except Glee. No Glee for mee.

What are your fall favorites?

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  1. These are some of my faves as well! I also love ‘Community’ and am newly obsessed with ‘New Girl’ and ‘Up All Night’.
    Also…well done with the Chris Traeger reference. :)

  2. I tried watching the Revenge pilot and it was very…soap opera-ish. The acting seemed TERRIBLE and it was really slow… BUT! Now I keep seeing reviews everywhere raving about and omg why does this always happen to me!? GAH!

  3. Greys, Private Practice, Modern Family, Parenthood, and X-factor seem to be my regulars! You are right there is just too many to watch them all. I did watch one episode of Whitney and the New Girl on Hulu and they were both pretty funny:)

  4. I’ve been watching DWTS and x-factor and trying to remember to catch Modern Family too…..aaaaand I am loving being able to bring out the boots and scarves! ;)

  5. Thank you for not liking Glee. Soul sisters fo sho.

    Also, I’m SO excited for the new season of The Walking Dead. That show is ridic and I love that I don’t have to pay for extra fancy channels to watch it! Although missing out on Dexter makes me want to pay for the extra fancy channels a little bit.

    Too bad I’m cheap.

    I thought the same thing about Parks and Rec being a rip-off of The Office, too, until I watched it. It is so good! I watch the older seasons on Netflix because they’re always hilarious.

  6. I totally love that new movie Revenge, you can actually go on hulu to watch episodes if you missed some. I saw on some of the comments that the show will still go on for awhile, like it will show revenge of different characters.

  7. i really, really love the fact that you watch The Vampire Diaries too – makes you even more awesome. :)

    and tell me about a busy fall schedule! i watch about 10 shows (plus random ones i decide to watch along the way) each week..

  8. I didn’t give Parks & Recreation a chance. I also hated it before it was on. Then Netflix had post seasons on instant view and I spent a whole Saturday laughing my butt off watching every episode. It was so flippin’ funny! I also love: New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Pan Am, Modern Family, and Parenthood.

    So just about everyone is talking about The Walking Dead on FB tonight. I have never heard of this show! Is it really that good?

  9. we may or may not have a ron swanson pyramid of greatness hanging in our office at home. LOOOOOOVE some leslie knope in our house.

    and fringe?? good lord, are there words for my neverending love for one peter bishop and company? I. THINK. NOT.

  10. Man. This is almost exactly my same line-up. OBSESSED with SOA and Vampire Diaries has my “I’m almost 30 but still into YA lit and TV shows heart”.

    Speaking of, is it just me or this the best season of Vamp Diaries yet? This is the first season I am actually watching on Thursday nights instead of casually over the weekend when its been recorded. I can’t wait to see what happens (which is hopefully MOAR DAMON).

  11. Im obsessed with Vampire you watch Pretty Little Liars? its teen-ish too but I love the creepy murder drama (and fabulous wardrobe)…by far my guilty pleasures!

  12. Oh Sons, FOR SURE (tonight!) Also: Dexter, Homeland (with Claire Danes, on after Dexter. I was dubious, because I usually don’t like shows that are “ripped from the headlines” unless it’s Law & Order: SVU, but this one is really good!), American Horror Story (nightmare-inducing!), How I Met Your Mother, all my Housewives, Project Runway, and…I think that’s it!

  13. I watch the Vampire Diaries, the walking dead, switched at birth, pretty little liars, X factor, and Doctor Who. The two shows I would recommend to anyone who watches the shows put on this blog are DOCTOR WHO and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! They are the best!

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