DIY – Super Simple Pumpkin Decor (which may or may not require something from your bathroom)

You saw that right… TOILET PAPER pumpkins. :) Don’t be grossed out… no one will be able to tell what’s in these little cuties by the time you’re finished.


  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Fat quarter of fabric
  • A few sheets of tissue paper (or one sheet of newspaper would do)
  • I forgot to include this in the photo, but a stick of wood, about 8 inches long.
  • Optional: Ribbon to tie around the stem. I didn’t end up using it, so just pretend it’s not in the photo. :)
First things first: smash your toilet paper roll. And no, I didn’t coordinate my bracelets to the fabric JUST for this photoshoot. How dare you think that.
(I did.)
Next, you’ll need to place the toilet paper roll in the center of the tissue paper. Start wrapping the tissue over the roll and tucking the edges into the center. I found it helpful to start with the shorter sides first, then ended with the corners… it stays put that way.
When you’re finished wrapping the roll in tissue paper, repeat the process with your fabric. You can secure it with hot glue if it’s not laying properly, but really, messy is totally acceptable. That’s what I tell myself to keep my OCD in check.
Now take a stick (which I didn’t include in the supplies shot because I hadn’t yet snatched a branch from our neighbors tree) and jam it in the center. It might take some wiggling, but once it’s in there, the fabric will hold pretty well.
Now that took you a total of what, 5 minutes, not including the time it took you to sneak into your neighbors yard and steal a tree limb, right? SO EASY. :)

29 thoughts on “DIY – Super Simple Pumpkin Decor (which may or may not require something from your bathroom)

  1. Morgan,
    Your comments honestly crack my shit ( can I say that on here?!) up!!

    Thank you for making me laugh, and for showing me a fun lil’ DIY!

  2. Morgan! How the heck do you find time to do all this fun stuff? I have one kiddo and I feel overwhelmed. LOVE THESE TEEPEE pumpkins.

  3. Those are SO adorable! So when fall is over, are you going to wipe your heiney with smooshed toilet paper? Jk! I love how crafty you are!

  4. Okay, I will ONLY do this if the TP can be used AFTER the project. What do you think? Maybe just take off the outer layer? No??? (Totally CUTE. Will make some tomorrow!)

  5. Love the comments almost as much as the project. How absolutely adorable and so easy.
    Now if I can hoard about 3 rolls to make them without my hubby grumbling. Honestly he complains every time we go grocery shopping and we (that means me) need toilet paper. What can I say my uterus lingered on my poor old bladder for years til my hysterectomy so knowing where all ladies rooms are is an absolutele must wherever I go. (also had 5 kids). That’s first thing I do when I go shopping in new store, find out where bathrooms are. lol. Ah well, guess there’s worse things to do in life besides using up all the tp.
    Thanks so much for adorable great project.

  6. My mom found you and shared this with me…super cute!!

    I’m thinking I’ll have to copy this into a Christmas theme (thinking balls) for my bathroom….

    Thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. Love these pumpkins! It’s a small world. I just checked internet for instructions on how to make felt rosettes, and checked out your other tutorials. There were the pumpkins my daughter forwarded to me just two days ago. She loved them too. Sometimes the prettiest things are made simply and with ordinary items-like your pumpkins.

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