I’m pretty sure I made my kid wear mom jeans to Fresh & Easy.

It’s been an eventful day, to say the least. First of all, let me tell you that there is a giant pile of broken glass that used to be a jar that held my collection of Anthro knobs behind my love seat. Most confusing sentence ever. I’m more upset about the fact that I’m going to have to clean that dusty baseboard when I move the couch than the actual broken glass. Baseboards are The Most Annoying Thing to Clean.

Anyway, Maddie broke the thing. I think it was an accident, but for the sake of dramatics, I’m going to just go ahead and say it was thrown to the ground in a fit of rage. She was pretty upset that hour.

Why was she angry? Why did she throw a screaming fit for 20 minutes and quite literally wrestle me while I tried to get her dressed? Why did she lock herself in her room and tell me, “I’M IN TIMEOUT. YOU GO COOK IN THE KITCHEN!” while she tried to sneak into her closet to find something else to wear?

Because I put her in these jeans:

So I’m trying to get everyone ready to make a quick trip to DUN DUN DUUUUN… Fresh & Easy. That store and I do not mesh well together, as Cher Horowitz would say. Last time I was there with both kids, I lost my keys and made the whole store search, only to discover they had been in my car the whole time. Then I cried. Anyway, as I was getting Maddie dressed, she threw that big fit and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me WHY. I kept saying, “They’re just JEANS! You wore some the other day!” but she wasn’t having any of it.

I finally was able to calm her down (thank you, GoGurt) and on the way to our car, I took a few photos of the kids.

It wasn’t until Madeline turned around that I discovered the reason she was so upset about those stupid jeans…

The high elastic waist, no pockets… I was forcing her to wear mini Mom Jeans. NO WONDER. Could I have been more cruel!?

She eventually got over it since I let her pick out her own socks. I would never put pink socks with purple shoes and jeans and it hurt my heart, but I let her have her way. It was the least I could do.

What a ham, gotta love her and her little fashion conscious self.

Once at the store, Jack kept my car keys in safekeeping so I wouldn’t lose them and drip tears and snot all over the employees again.

Or not.

The trip went without a hitch this time, I’m happy to report. We were in and out of there in 20 minutes and the most exciting thing that happened was when Maddie kept yelling, “Hey BERGERON!” to a man with gray hair. She’s a big fan of AFV, what can I say?

Grocery store success.

14 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure I made my kid wear mom jeans to Fresh & Easy.

  1. At first I couldn’t figure out why you were calling those “mom jeans” because they’re super adorable from the front. The next picture made me laugh out loud! Ha! Love it and love a girl who has her own sense of style!

  2. Friggin hilarious. Just came across your blog, so glad I did. As a fellow mom of 2 babies under 3yrs, I SO appreciate the honesty, humor and humbling ways you share stories – cheers!

  3. Hannah is also very fashion forward–she would definitely cry about those, which is why she only has skinny jeans. ;)

    Your kids just get cuter and cuter!

  4. Who’s looking at her jeans? I have a hard time getting past that beautiful little face!! :)

    And dang it! Look how cute Jack is in his camo shorts!!

  5. OMG, she’s adorable. Also, I love the shot of her crawling on the bottom of the cart. I remember when I was small enough to ride on the bottom. So cute.

  6. Thanks for the chuckle. You have a wonderful daughter! Her antics remind me of my oldest. She and her sister caused me to lose more than a few handfuls of hair. ;} They are now 23 and 20. Remember to enjoy these moments, they grow so quickly!

  7. LOVE her!! I cannot believe how fast Summer and Fall has flown. Your little guy should still be a wee little bundle !!
    He is delightful though, I can tell. I agree, you tell great stories Sweet Lady!
    xo, Taci

  8. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to have cried in a public place after losing my keys. This story read like a narration of one of my days.

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