Maddie plays Sudoku

I’m going to risk losing mom points by admitting this, but Maddie is sort of addicted to our iPad. It happened on complete accident. We’ve let her read stories and “color” on it for quite a while, but recently she’s discovered Justin’s game stash. We seriously have to hide the thing every night before I go to bed because I’ll find her first thing in the morning, under the kitchen table or hiding in our closet playing these dumb games. Coming from a wife of a gaming addict (QUITE LITERALLY.), this is just not something I think a 2 year old should be into.

So yesterday while I was in the other room, Justin apparently let her play Sudoku while he was watching the football game. I walked back in, saw what she was doing and grabbed the video camera because it was just too ridiculous not to share. Maddie somehow figured out how to play Sudoku and… well, let’s just say she’s good at it.

(Pardon the messy little apartment.)

You have to love how she’s wearing a diaper though potty trained (it was laundry day and I had to put her in one of Jack’s, BAD MOM) and she’s sucking on the thermometer pacifier she found while beating the game like a little genius. This girl’s crazy.

20 thoughts on “Maddie plays Sudoku

  1. that means she is really smart, id consider that an educational game. i cant come close to beating those things!!

  2. Um hello BABY GENIUS!! Shoooot I’m pretty sure I couldn’t beat that in 15mins lol! HOW did she do that?! Seriously! She’s amazing.

  3. LOL, this is awesome! Did your husband help her at all or did she do it all on her own? Maddie is too cute!

  4. holy crow! Your two-year-old can do two things at 30 that I can’t do: 1. use an iPad and 2. not be horrendous at Sudoku. I laughed at Jack bopping in the background too :)

  5. Thanks you guys! I think she’s pretty smart, but I AM her mom. :)

    Carolina: Nope, he didn’t help her at all!

  6. An iPad can be a great educational tool. There are lots of great free aps for kids. Teach Me Preschool and Teach Me Kindergarden are two of our favorites. Between those two,, and a couple site words and early reader aps, both our girls (3 & 5) are starting to get the hang of reading, know their shapes and colors, how to count, and are starting to do simple addition and subtraction, and the oldest is starting to spell.

    And this is even with the oldest showing all the early signs of dyslexia, but then again, Hubby’s been giving her Orton-Gillingham tutoring too since she started kindergarten in August.

    Little ones can amaze you when given the chance to puzzle stuff out on their own. And the touch pad tech is very freeing for them.

  7. This is so hilarious!!!! Your baby is so smart! I started playing sudoku a couple of months ago and was instantly addicted. Like other commenters have said, it’s not the easiest game in the world initially. Baby Einstein! :)

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