21 thoughts on “Crepe paper flowers (the finished product!)

  1. SHUT YOUR FACE. I literally just said, “Oh, my gossssshhhhh,” to the computer screen because I’m so impressed by you.

    Absolute perfection.

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Not what I was expecting to see when I click on “crepe paper flowers” –they are so much more detailed and life-like than I was picturing. Beautiful!

  3. Those flowers really came out beautiful! Do you think you could make a tutorial, or if you got the project from somewhere else could you give me the link? My sister wants this kind of thing on her wedding cake too and she asked me to try making them. Pressure much? :p

  4. Where did you find crepe paper in sheets instead of rolls? I wanted to do a different project (angels for Christmas), but I can only find tissue paper!

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