Five Unfriendly Owls

So apparently, I’m really into repurposing toilet paper rolls. I found this idea on — WHERE ELSE?! — Pinterest.

These little guys are going on our Christmas tree this year, which is getting a fun, whimsical, handmade makeover. I’m looking forward to making more ornaments with Maddie (and Jack, if his little fat self will cooperate). Yay for silly kid trees!

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8 thoughts on “Five Unfriendly Owls

  1. Hi morgan! I just wanted to let u know i read ur blog every day and i LOVE your way of writing and self-mockery (does that word actually exist?) it always cheers me up! Also enjoy all your crafty-posts and often show my friends whom then try to make them (like the pumpkins out of toiletpaper!)

    Anyway, keep the the posts coming, i truly enjoy them and u have beautiful kids :)

  2. I just saw those on your Pinterest. I think they are so adorable. I can’t wait to see how cute your Christmas tree is going to be. :)

  3. Those are cute! Toilet paper roll crafts end up looking like toilet paper rolls too often. I think your owls’ simplicity makes them work: they are cute but honest toilet paper rolls. ;)

    My life changed (an overstatement, perhaps) when they started making flushable toilet paper rolls! Our little toilet bin was full all the time, but now we can actually use it for other kinds of rubbish. Hooray!

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