I’m thankful for my family, my health & my husband who kisses way better than the guy in this video.

When I was 13, I started writing love letters to my future husband. Yep, I was one of those. I daydreamed about what he would look like and how perfect and happy our lives would be when we were married. Little romantic me planned on saving my first kiss for my wedding day, buuuuuut yeah. That went out the window 5 seconds after I got my first boyfriend.

Anyway, as I was watching the following clip from a new show on TLC called Virgin Diaries, I realized how glad I am that I didn’t save my first kiss for all of my friends and family to witness. That might sound bad, but these things take practice, yo.

(And practice, Justin and I did. THANK GOD.)

Watch this and just try not to laugh. And please note the butterfly and eskimo kisses.

55 thoughts on “I’m thankful for my family, my health & my husband who kisses way better than the guy in this video.

  1. If there is any chance that I am going to look like that on my wedding day I may have to rethink my commitment to waiting til then for my first kiss. =/

  2. Whyyyyyyy would you choose a French to be your first kiss, in front of your family no less?! I’m still trying to take it all in…

  3. Oh, oh my. I thought for real you must be exaggerating for the sake of a laugh… um no. You were not exaggerating. In fact, your post in NO WAY prepared me for what I was going to see! That was the most awkward thing I have ever seen in my life. Man, staying a virgin til marriage has not gained ANY cool points by this show. Thanks a lot TLC, you always find the crazies.

  4. oh my sweet grilled cheesus.
    from the screenshot i was afraid to watch. i even told Scot what was about to happen and that i couldn’t watch it. and he was all, “well i can” and hit play.

    i cannot.

  5. HA! I saw this last night and just died all over again when I watched it again. It’s so bad you can’t help but watch. I will be watching this show.

  6. OMG! It looks like a kiss out of one of those crappy movies that are made to be funny, but who are actually really bad.
    Little sad it’s not a movie…

    Why in the world wait to kiss untill you get married. I get that you want to wait with sex, but kiss?

    And as somebody else said; Why french kiss in front of your whole family when you don’t have any experiance with it. Those poor familymembers and poor people who have to film this to keep it a lovely memory.

  7. Oh, my…, I can´t believe they waited till wedding day… A kiss is just something basic for a relationship… if you don´t kiss a person, how would you know if he or she really like you, if you both share the necessary chemistry?

  8. Is he … is he … trying to eat her face? Is she trying to regurgitate something into his mouth? what is happening here???

  9. They looked like two Koi fish fighting over those little pellets they pass out at the Japanese Garden. Or maybe two puppies play-fighting/biting? Something from the animal-world though.

    That’s just sad. I shudder to think what their wedding night is going to be like!


    Jeremy and I practiced the kissing too before we got married, and I’m SO glad we did, or we might have a memory like that for ever.

    except, our first kiss was nothing like that. AT ALL. thank goodness. :)

  11. I remember doing the same thing. I never kissed until I was 18, and it wasn’t weird or anything just something I wouldn’t necessarily want to do in front of everyone on my wedding day. My husband doesn’t like a ton of PDA anyway, so I can’t even imagine how that would have turned out..

  12. I just saw that commercial a few minutes ago and almost died! I think we should all be thankful our first kisses weren’t recorded, although they look especially ridiculous.

  13. This is so bad to say.. but if the kiss is this awful, I can just imagine when they really get down to business.

    They look so in love… I don’t even think they know they look crazy. I love it!!!

  14. Omg, cringe-worthy!! Totally agree – why didn’t they practice prior to going on national TV and have they never even seen other people kiss?! Like, how are they not thinking to themselves, ”Hmm, this doesn’t seem right…” So. much. hilariousness.

  15. OMG! I can’t stop watching this and I don’t know why. He looks like he is eat her face or suck her lips off. Or both. I don’t know but that’s just wrong. WRONG! Haha.

  16. Oh my. Oh my. OH. MY. Yea….Oh my. Really, words fail me.
    I’m not sure which is the more pressing question – Why on earth would they not only decide their first kiss would be in front of their friends & family but then share it with the world on TV? OR Why on earth do I feel I need to watch that again?! ARGH!!!

  17. I have to say it looks more like a joke to me, and it is a hi-LARIOUS one!
    But seriously, who waits to kiss? Sex is one thing but kiss? Really? I find that hard to believe. And please kids, let’s keep that first wedding kiss down to a “church tongue” level, thankyouverymuch.

  18. WTH?!!! The sad part is that will be always be on video someone in the world for the rest of their lives. Gawd. They will never be able to live that down.

  19. I saw this video on Chelsea Lately and it freaked me right the hell out. Three Cheers to not being a kissing virgin upon getting married. I’m OK with people waiting to get married to have sex [I didn’t but I’m ok w/ it] but this whole NOT kissing… dude he could have cracked a tooth!

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