Justin & Jack: Same person.

Since day 1, I’ve been convinced that Jack is just Justin trapped in a fat little baby’s body. The two of them share so many similarities in personality, facial features, expression and emotion, it’s a little scary.

I recently had a chance to look through some of Justin’s old baby photos and I couldn’t stop laughing…

Jack is basically Justin, with a few less shooting stars and a slightly larger head. That’s a virtual planetoid! (So I Married an Axe Murderer, anyone?? We use HEED jokes a lot around here.) When I thought of how to write this post, I originally just wanted to share a few photos to prove how much they look alike, but then I started thinking about all their odd little quirks.

I’ve said it before, but Jack is the most easygoing baby I know. The only time he gets upset is when 1) You make him stop playing with the Xbox controller or 2) You don’t feed him quickly enough. You think I’m joking, but the kid will choose to sit there and push the power button on and off for an hour rather than play with any of his toys. Anyway, when deprived of food or Xbox controllers, a level of agitation is reached where there is nothing you can do to save the situation. He will whine, hurl his enormous fat body backwards and swing his angry fists forever, if you let him. I’ve learned to just quickly feed him and put him to bed, where he whimpers for exactly 20 seconds and then falls asleep. I imagine what he would be saying if those whimpers were translated into actual words and sometimes I mock Jack to his face like any good mom would do. But MOM, I’m STAAARVIIIING! This screaming fit is necessary to make you UNDERSTAAAAAND! If I don’t get those deliciously mushy sweet potatoes right this second, I’m going to pass out and die, then pass out again! 

Now let’s take a look at Justin. Pretty easygoing guy. His hobbies include playing Xbox and eating a good meal. He doesn’t become upset too often, except when 1) You make him stop playing Xbox or 2) You don’t feed him quickly enough.  Hmm, INTERESTING. This produces a similar reaction to Jack’s, but I’m not the one narrating the doomsday outlook in a mocking tone. Justin handles it on his own. Morgan, I’m serious. I’m going to die, then pass out, then die again if I don’t eat something right now. Let’s go to Chili’s.

When Maddie notices that one of the boys is having an issue, she’ll either come to me and whisper in a knowing voice, “Mom, he’s being grumpy” or she’ll go get them a snack. Such a little mama and exactly like me in every way, but that’s another novel of a post.

Summary: My boys have big heads and are passionate about eating, but Maddie and I can handle it.

20 thoughts on “Justin & Jack: Same person.

  1. Hilarious! Two peas in a pod. I think we just need to be an all girl family cause I don’t think I can handle it if I have a son who inherits her daddy’s secret affection for WoW. No, no that would NOT be good haha.

  2. i’m pretty sure if a photo like that of my hubs existed, with full-on shooting star overalls….i’d blow it up poster size and display it in our home forever and ever.

    I. LOVE. IT.

  3. I love so much that you quote “So I Married an Axe Murderer” in everyday life too. Confession: I have this list of people I’ve found online that I’m convinced I would be best friends with if we ever met. You are totally one of them. Okay, enough creepiness for the day! :)

  4. I found your blog about a month or two ago, and as I do with every new blog I find, I went all the way back to the beginning and read the whole thing. I love that you aren’t afraid to be silly, and that’s why I believe you’ll love this guy’s blog. He is hilariously quirky and it’s a very enjoyable read.

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