Imagine me saying “ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” or whatever sound a zombie makes.

Please prepare for Ranty McRanterson III to take the stage.

Dudes. I’m tired. So so so so so so x infinity tired. Maddie has decided to defy the laws of toddler nature and stop sleeping. Like, ever. She has made a habit of waking up at the crack of dawn and won’t fall asleep until at least 11 at night. She won’t stay in her bed, either. It’s a 3 hour struggle, putting her back in her bed over and over while trying to keep her quiet so she doesn’t wake up Jack.

Naps are a distant memory I cling to with fondness and a single glistening tear. I honestly don’t know how she functions on this little sleep because I’m like a zombie. I basically follow her around all day in a haze, drooling and groaning unintelligible sounds while she spins around me like a tasmanian devil, demanding more Mac & Cheese every hour. The energy! It’s KILLING ME. And on top of it all, my DVR runneth over because I have no time to catch up on shows. This is getting serious here.

With that said, I’ve been trying to find ways to tire her out more. I make it a point to get out of the apartment every day, but I need something EXTREME. I’m looking for fatigue-inducing activities here. We do parks. We do the occasional TumbleAmerica thing. We dance around to Pitbull. What do you guys do with your energetic little ones?

P.S. I wanted a picture of me looking like a zombie and found This is quite possibly the most disturbing thing of my life:

At least I’m smiling while I eat brains.

24 thoughts on “Imagine me saying “ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” or whatever sound a zombie makes.

  1. Sign that little spazz up for some weekly soccer lessons. At least that way you can get ONE night a week of sleep. They usually have classes starting for 18 months and up. It wears my wild child down fast!

  2. Limit screen time before bed, it tricks the brain into thinking it is still light outside.

    Jilly is in a preschool type class through the parks & rec distric twice a week for an hour and a half each day and she takes ballet once a week. But hasn’t really been napping for quite some time now. She will if we’ve had several late nights or if she’s sick, but that’s about it. And sometimes when she naps it means she’ll be up all night. For me it is worth it to skip the nap at this point and put her to bed early.

  3. Oh no fun! I remember the period after my second was born and my first started pushing the limits in the sleep department. I read the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it saved my life! I believe it goes through adolescence. Anyways, it’s a great one if you haven’t already read it.

    I like to do swim “lessons” or a mommy and me swim class. Really wears mine out! Good luck, momma!

  4. Is she old enough to be in a regular tumbling class? I’d say that and taking her to the park and making her go up and down the slide 100 times before you head home together might help. At a certain point I’d be popping headphones in and letting her watch movies on the Ipad in bed while I slept haha. Sssshhhhh….I’m just kidding about that (sort of).

  5. The 3yr old I used to Nanny would get in those crazy full of energy times and I would just take him on really long walks and he walked, no stroller until he started getting really cranky then I knew he was tired.

  6. Buy those REALLY big balloons, blow one up more than a regular one and kick it around with her. And then sit and rest on the couch. My girls did that for an hour last night. It exhausted me just watching them and they had a blast!

  7. Does she like cherries? Feed them to her at bedtime. They have melatonin. Also, according to sleep experts, sleep begets sleep and she should be getting around 11 to 13 hours rest a night at her age. She may not think she’s tired, but put her to bed earlier, keep her away from any lighted screen and no sweets. Really, that’s all I’ve got, but even I struggle with this at times. However, my child is more than willing to sleep late, which I don’t allow because then she’s up super late too! Grrr!

  8. Oh how I relate to this post!! I feel I have been zombie-fied for the past 2 months!

    My new method of tiring out my toddler is to just constantly chase him which really isn’t too awesome as I naturally get exhausted and mama has no nap time as there is always a load of dishes in the sink to be washed!

    Super thankful to have these posts to read to assure myself it isn’t just me!

  9. Does she have an ear infection? My youngest would always refuse sleep when she had an ear infection. She would be happy and hyper, but would REFUSE to go to sleep. She rarely had any other symptoms. I soon learned this telltale sign and would head to the Dr. ASAP. Hope you both get some rest soon!

  10. You could try teaching her to read. Tire out her brain a little. She may seem young but if she can pick it up why not? That said if she doesn’t pick it up and just throws books and flashcards at your head, if there is somewhere you can take her for swimming try that, I never napped as a kid except after swimming lessons.

  11. Omg….I’m going through the same thing basically but both of my girls(almost 3 and a 10 month old) are going to sleep at their normal times then waking up at 10 and not wanting to go back asleep till 3ish…so I have NO advice but I’m happily reading everyone elses haha

  12. Take her to one of those indoor places with all the inflatables. She can jump and jump and jump and you and Jack can just sit and watch.

  13. These are all such awesome ideas, thank you guys!! When we took her to swimming lessons in the summer, she was definitely worn out. And I didn’t even know about the ‘keep away from screens’ thing. DUH. I know that has something to do with it.

  14. MELATONIN!! My youngest was the same way and it saved us! Our pediatrician recommended it to us and it was seriously a miracle. They sell it in a meltaway/chewable form at places like Vitamin Cottage. Look into it and talk to her pediatrician about it… it will save your life! :)

  15. try spanking…lol that sounds harsh, but if she needs it( as it sounds she does), give it a try. I used to have a heck of a time with my darling little Teddy, but when she learned Mommy knew how to use a paddle, she is a sweetie!!!

  16. Oh she may be done with naps, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to be done with naps! My mom did it to us, and we all do it to my kids too. When little goes down for his nap, there is mandatory “Qwiuht Twime” for Middle (and Big if he’s home from school). Middle is the one who was always up at the butt-crack o’ dawn, and fiddle-farting around half the night, scaring the bejeebers out of his big and little. Seriously, Big moved out of their shared room because of Middle’s crap-talking about monsters and such. I digress. Back to what I was saying, I don’t care what they do in their rooms, as long as there is no talking, beeping, bopping, singing, flinging, dropping, lighting (as in saber, nightlight with sound effects) or other noises coming from those rooms. Mommy gets to sit and relax (who am I kidding, I’m a FB gamer nerd!) and have a few minutes to make a vain attempt at restoring my sanity and repairing my frazzled appearance.

    Bedtime – ROUTINE. It has to be EXACTLY the same every night, no matter where you are. Seriously, it’s dark earlier, so start the routine earlier. Make it a big deal that she gets to stay up after darks, read an extra book or make some cookie dough for a bake-a-thon the next day. Seriously, rolling out or pounding/mixing dough wears them out. Or make some salt-dough and have her create things that she can color or paint the next day after they dry. Use up her brain-power, and the rest will wear out too.
    You’ve got a ton of good ideas here – let us know what works!

  17. I’m the momma of an almost 3 year old, and the best thing I can tell you is to challenge their brain. The more stuff they need to think about, the better they sleep.
    Sometimes tho, I know he’s not that tired, but I need him to take a nap because he’s just driving me batty. I make him go lay down in his bed and be quiet. I’ll let him take a couple toys and books in to occupy himself while he winds down. I place extra emphasis on him being quiet. Usually within about 45 mins he’ll take a nap. and honestly, sometimes I don’t even mess around with the toys and books, I just put him in bed and tell him it’s naptime and he doesn’t get a choice. He’ll cry a maybe even scream a little bit, but he knows I mean business and he’ll settle down for a nap.
    Another thing that may be causing it is that she’s just super excited for the holidays and just doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

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