Riding on the pink big wheel of happiness.

I took the kids to my mom’s house today and we ended up spending quite a bit of time playing outside. Per your orders, I’ve been making sure Maddie gets a freaking TON of exercise and it has helped with the sleep situation SO MUCH. Thank you for all the awesome suggestions!

When I asked my mom to send me the photos of the kids from earlier, I wasn’t prepared for the copious amount of cheese that awaited me. Maddie was literally saying, “CHEEEEESE!” when this one was taken.

I’m getting all bloaty just looking at them.

When I forwarded the picture of Jack to Justin, I expected him to comment on Jack’s baby gap-toofed smile. Instead he responded with, “hahahahahaha, I see you in the background!” And I was all, “Huh?” And then I noticed my mom caught an action shot of me on Maddie’s big wheel.

I mentioned it on Twitter earlier and I know people probably thought I was lying or just using some sort of metaphor.

Riding on the pink big wheel of happiness, or something. I don’t know. That could be interpreted in many interesting ways, I’m sure.

That big wheel made me use muscles I haven’t used since 1992, which is obviously the last time I rode one of the things. It was fun though, and I’ve never felt so alive! Or old.


16 thoughts on “Riding on the pink big wheel of happiness.

  1. hahahaha !!! Oh my gosh I love this so much. You are adorable and I’m pretty jellus that I wasn’t in on this fun. Did you & Maddie get TOMS for Christmas? They are so cute! Your kids are just too adorable, I love all of their cheese for the camera, kills me!
    Also, I enjoyed the “oh hai” license plate edit ;) lol!

  2. Just made me miss warmer weather!! They are too cute, and at least you still fit on that thing! Woo hoo to that!

  3. That looks like fun! I never had one of those, but I think one of my neighbors did when I was very young! I remember a black and red and yellow one very clearly, but also that it was NOT mine. And sadness that it wasn’t. Hehehe.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. if Christmas had not just happened, I would so be out buying my girl a big wheel, and mostly because I would want to ride it.

  5. HAHA, the first thing I noticed was you on the big wheel. (Well, I wasn’t positive it was you until I continued reading, but I was like, “WHUAH, is that Morgan or a little neighbor kid?”)

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