Pinterest Partayy! Let’s kick off 2012 with some crafty shenanigans.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a fun and safe yadda yadda yadda. Now get in, sit down, shut up and be quiet. This just got real.

A friend of mine just had an idea. A spectacular idea. An idea I think we can all get behind (that’s what she said). So you know how we all spend like, 20 hours a day on Pinterest and have all these awesome ideas floating around in our heads but never actually tackle any of the projects because we’re spending 20 hours a day on Pinterest? Or is that just me?

Don’t lie, I see all your pins.

Well, Jami suggested this idea to a group of her crafty blogger friends: Pick a project on Pinterest and umm, do it. But do it in a fun and very public way! (TWSS)

Here’s what’s happening:

We’re challenging ourselves and all of you to choose one thing you’ve had your eye on. A new recipe, a new hairstyle, a fabric covered pot, a sunburst mirror, a centerpiece for your future wedding, WHATEVER. Sometime in the next two weeks, complete your project, post a photo to your own blog, then come here and share your accomplishment with the class. We’ll all be able to see each other’s stuff, get even more ideas and inspiration, and hello!? We’re putting our Pinterest obsession to good use. Win-win-win!

Again, your assignment is:

1. Complete a project based on something you’ve seen on Pinterest.
2. Show off your mad skills on your own blog.
3. Come back here fill out the form at the bottom of this post to link up your entry. Deadline is January 15th.

Also be sure to check out all the other blogs who are participating. These girls know their DIYs: What the Graham?!Baby Gators Den,Design Build LoveHernando HouseMerrypad, and The Stucco Bungalow

Here are a few things I’m considering…

Who’s in?! And you better not make me look stupid. I don’t want to have to show you the ugly cry.

16 thoughts on “Pinterest Partayy! Let’s kick off 2012 with some crafty shenanigans.

  1. Does it count if you’re in the middle of doing the pinterest-inspired project right now? what if it’s a suuuupppper huuugeee project??? like a whole room? ;)

  2. I’m in! I’m actually challenging myself this year to complete one project a week (will give me something to do while the hubby is deployed this year).

    Now to narrow down my choices from all the fun stuff I have pinned!

  3. Googiemomma: Heck yes, it counts! You can do whatever you want, whether you show your full room or break it down into smaller projects if the entire thing isn’t complete yet. What an awesome project though.. a whole room! You’re my hero.

    Jen: SWEET! One a week is a great idea! I know you’ll have no problem coming up with something amazing… you’re so crafty!

  4. I’m in! I did these magnet thingies that in my head were AMAZING but turned out meh. I will document the tedious process of my success. You’re welcome. :^)

  5. Definitely in, but now it makes me wish I’d taken pics of my kids’ projects bc I got most of the holiday crafts from pinterest!

  6. Oh I’m so in!! I’ve actually completed a few pinterest meals, not to braaaaag or anything. Hashbrown potato soup, ever heard of it? But I’d like to try something crafty this time.

  7. I love this idea!!!!! I hosted a pinterest party and it went so well. Hosting another at the end of this month. Check out my new blog DIT&O (Do it together & often)!!!!!! I’m going to be choosing a pin for the challenge!!

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