Giveaway! Birth Day Suit Maternity

You very well may have already heard about my friend Kristy’s new business due to it’s raging popularity with the pregnant crowd. Birth Day Suit Maternity offers THE cutest labor and delivery hospital gowns I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever worn a regular hospital gown? They’re hideous and have disturbing looking stains and that’s all I have to say before I barf. Birth Day Suit Maternity’s gowns are chic, stylish & comfortable… perfect for the fashion forward mommy-to-be. And let’s be real here: when you’re in the screaming, sweaty throes of labor, you need all the help you can get in the beauty department. (I wish I had one when I delivered! HOT MESS.) Birth Day Suit Maternity also offers nursing gowns and adorable baby items in their Etsy shop.

Are you ready for the fun part? You have a chance to win a Birth Day Suit gown, valued at nearly $70! Not pregnant? Give it as a gift!

What you’ll win:


How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post
  2. For an additional entry, pop on over to Birth Day Suit’s Facebook page and become a fan. Come back here and mention you did so in the comments so you get your extra credit!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating!

If you’re interested in making a purchase from Birth Day Suit Maternity, be sure to enter the coupon code MRSPRISS2012  to get 10% off!

158 thoughts on “Giveaway! Birth Day Suit Maternity

  1. I’d love to win one of these. My daughter’s due date is the 24th, and I know she would love this! Thank you!

  2. Is this open internationally? I’m a Canuck. I will throw down like a desperately single bridesmaid trying to catch some flowers if my entry is legit.

  3. I’m not pregnant, but that little number is so cute I’m seriously considering getting knocked up just so I can wear it! Who am I kidding? I’d wear it now, I’m sure it’ll compliment my food baby! Please consider this as my entry and I plan to like her facebook page when I get home. Stupid work, why on earth would they block me from using facebook?

  4. Me want/need! I’m not prego yet, but hope to be at some point in 2012!! I wanted to get one for my last pregnancy, but ended up not. BIG mistake! If I’m going to be a hot mess when I deliver, I at least want to wear a cute gown! ;-)

  5. I just found out im pregnant after 2 years of trying. This would be the greatest thing ever if I were to win!!!!

  6. Oh, I would so love to win this fro Erica…nursing twins is going to be a challenge! I “liked” their facebook page too!

  7. Oh this would be PERFECT for my SIL, who is due in August (right smack in the middle of boob-sweat season). I know she’d luuuuuuuurve it.

    Oh, FB fan as well!

  8. I would love this! Expecting our 2nd child (which is a girl) in April and I do hate the regular hospital gowns – this would be perfect for me :)

  9. I would love to win this for my sister in law. She is due in July with her first baby!! I am now a fan of your faccebook page!

  10. I’m currently pregnant with #2! Due this Summer, I would wear this dress even after I have the baby it’s so cute!

  11. Absolutely love these!! how cute! hope i win one!! and definitely liked facebook page also!

  12. ADORABLE! I love love love it! I’m due in May and would love to deliver our son in this gorgeous gown!

  13. Those are so adorable! My best friend is having her first boy soon and would love it. She is very. fashion oriented. I am now a fan on FB :)

  14. These are SO cute! I am due with our 3rd and final baby April 13th. I’ve delivered 2 babies in those awful hospital gowns & would LOVE to be able to add This to my hospital bag!! Looks like a beautiful spring gown to wear to deliever a spring baby!! :)

  15. How adorable! What a fantastic giveaway! And perfect for me since I am due with our first in March. Thanks so much for the chance!

  16. My dear friend is due in April and was thinking that would be a great gift to give her at the baby shower! LOVE the idea!

  17. So so so adorable! I am due Feb 22nd with my 4th baby, I’ve never even heard of these! Im a new fan on FB too :)

  18. I would love to win this for my elegant cousin-in-law! She is having a difficult pregnancy (lots of blood pressure issues for mama) and something this cute would take at least a little bit of anxiety away from her during delivery. Especially if she gives birth on her due date, which is her 28th birthday.

    If I don’t win, I’ll buy one though – they are awesome.

  19. Beautiful!! pregnant with my second. Wish I had this the first time around. With an unexpected csection and one size fits all hospital gown on my petite 5’1″ frame, I was not looking or feeling my best!! This would be ideal!!

  20. ****** A FAN ON FACEBOOK*******
    Just <3 these gowns, who says that giving birth can't be at bit glamorous?? 5 weeks left and counting down for the birth of our first baby girl, Raizel Lilian.. Would love this gown for my delivery, PERFECT way to welcome a FABULOUS little girl into this world, beginning with the fashion forward gown. <3 Lizbeth

  21. Omg, I need one of these, I just found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day! I’m super excited for my first child, but NOT super-excited about the labor & delivery bit… :/ (any tips?)

  22. I’m currently expecting my second child, and would be thrilled to win this! This has to be one of the cutest hospital gowns I’ve ever seen. =)

  23. I would love a chance to win this beautiful hospital gown! TTC #3 soon and this would be perfect for my hospital experience since I know I’ll be having a repeat csection!

  24. I so want this! My hospital has special nursing gowns, which means slits cut at the boob area, which means that if you lean in just the right way, the slits open up and you flash everyone in the room. Yeah, awesome.

  25. These are awesome! Please pick me because this will give me huge brownie points with my sister-in-law. She’s due in a couple months & has everything. This would be the absolute perfect gift. I too wish i had one of these when i had my daughter, it really would have made me feel better about the disaster that was going on!

  26. What a wonderful idea! I have never seen this before. Congratulations on your new venture!

  27. No, I’m not pregnant! Don’t get any crazy ideas. But I do know quite a few pregnant ladies who would love this.

  28. I’m preggers! Due in September. I’m a SAHM on a budget and this would be such a fun “me” gift!

  29. I am LOVING this!!!! I am SUCH a priss and I could never find a gown that screamed, “oh yeah you sassy Diva, you HAVE that baby and SHINE!!! I would love to win this! :)

  30. Love! Would have been much cuter in my “holding my newborn in my arms at the hospital” pictures.

  31. Would love a chance to win this… hubby and I just decided to try for another one:) Also I liked the fb page! Cute concept!!

  32. This is too cute. I would love to win this. Baby boy is due on March 23rd and I would like to look “semi cute” in my hospital pictures this go round. I looked hideous with my daughter. lol. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  33. Morgan, I am LOVING all of these FABULOUS comments!!! I am convinced you have the BEST readers ever!!!! I hope the winner posts pictures!!! :)

  34. Absolutely adorbs! This pregnancy is my first, it’s a little girl and this would be perfect for me. I’m pinning this to Pinterest RIGHT NOW!

  35. Great giveaway! I would love to win and actually wear something beautiful like this for childbirth this time around.

  36. PICK ME!!!!! I’m not pregnant but we are TTC and I need this!!!! :) I am a full-tim nursing student and we are on one income. I wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase this for myself but i feel all right winning it! :)

  37. I’ve been eyeing these! I’m totally getting one when I’m having a baby, but for now I’ll settle on giving it to my pregnant friend! :)

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