More money saving tips, courtesy the freakshows on TLC and my baby brother.


A friend of mine was telling me about this show and how much I would love it/hate it/barf when I watched it, so I set that thing to record and finally got around to watching the horrors last night. Have you seen it? DID YOU GAG? I mean, I gagged, at least 45 times during the goat head segment alone. Okay, I’ll stop being all vague and explain.

The episode highlighted 5 or so people who are extremely consumed with the idea of saving money. I’m not ragging on them for trying to be frugal, it’s just the lengths they go to save VERY little are just… I don’t even know. Watch this clip about a lady who doesn’t buy toilet paper for her family. Keep an eye out for the STAINS.

You saw the stains, right? gaggfaklsdjf;alksdfjgag

There’s also a guy who goes dumpster diving for funsies and collects a bunch of random crap to give his wife for their anniversary. Like, he actually presented the gifts to her while they were out to dinner in a ceremonious fashion, right before he asked the other dining patrons if he could have their leftover food. Classy fella, that one. What exactly would you do if your husband gave you an old tea kettle with mysterious dumpster stains on it? I was asked this same question, and I can honestly say I would first beat him over the head with said kettle, then promptly drown myself in the moldy dumpster water it contained. There’s… there’s just no point.

So after Justin and I watched the show, we were so inspired by all the people who could think outside of the box that we started coming up with our own winning money saving ideas. It’s our new thing now, and our goal is to make our ideas as gross as possible. I’ll be washing dishes and Justin will come in and be all, “I have another good one. Clean all your old hair out of the drains, dry it out, then use it to stuff pillows for the couch!” And I’ll be like, “Why don’t we rinse out that bag the hotdogs came in and I can carry my makeup in it!”

Today I was hanging out with my brother and he came up with some pretty inventive ones too.

Old grapefruit peel as a key catcher on your entry table.
Old shoe becomes the perfect charging station! (Notice the cord running through the hole? I die.)
Soda can vase... a frugal gift for that special someone.
Don't throw away that toothpaste tube! Cut off the end and you have a glasses case. (Thanks for the high fashion model pose, bro.)


It’s all about upcycling, people. Now go find that show and watch it.

34 thoughts on “More money saving tips, courtesy the freakshows on TLC and my baby brother.

  1. the kid: “this is kind of dirty.”
    the mom: “ok, no, it’s clean.”

    I’m SO with the kid on this one.
    (question: how does one actually go into debt buying toilet paper?? does she know they sell it at the dollar store or in bulk? just sayin’.)

    All of the ideas presented here are brilliant. I think you could easily give crazy toilet paper lady a run for her money!

  2. So, I never blog, so don’t actually look at that link that I just posted up there.

    I have been reading your blog for a while, and I love it. Basically, if we knew each other in real life, we would be best friends. And I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh gosh, another one of the crazy internet girls” but really…we’re the same. I read all the way back to your first post right after I had my baby girl, Sailor, 6 months ago, and meant to leave you a long comment then, but obviously did not. I couldn’t wait anymore after this post! I read it aloud to my husband, and I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe, and my face hurts right now. I’m DYING. You and Justin are so funny, and I’m just crazy about your little family. Please don’t think I’m insane. lol.

  3. Omg I laughed so hard at the hotdog make-up bag I almost woke my daughter up….now I’m off to find this show!

  4. “Roses say romance”… sure buddy! The wifes face said it all. Poor thing!!!

    I’d also like to point out that the mom with the adult cloth wipes now uses coloured fabric! She has learned from the staining issues – I gagged btw

  5. Hadn’t heard of this show before…..remember to bring for game night, Chips, Dip & T.P. Imagine the surprise of first time guests to their house. Reminds me of Vegas Vacation…Cousin Eddy: “Clark we only need one plate, this is all you can eat”. Thanks for sharing!

  6. OK ok ok ok. I totally use cloth toilet paper, and I’m sad it’s getting bad press! For real, it’s great. I will say that I use it solely for “#1” — and keep TP around for #2 — but that’s my preference. I bought my cloths on etsy & they’re wonderfully soft, not stained (I admit, that’s gross looking). Just had to stick up for her. That show seems all kinds of crazytown, though! :)

  7. OMG. I want to know who pays 20 a month for toilet paper. A family of 15 women? Could you imagine being a guest at her home and realizing those scraps were the toilet paper? I die.

  8. Lol!! You are too funny! As I was watching the video clip a google ad popped up for toilet paper coupons~ even google is trying to tell this lady she is nuts! :)

  9. I am laughing so hard at this post, especially the shoe with the cord coming out of the hole. LMAO! I couldn’t watch the video here at work so I will have to check it out at home… maybe… definitely not while I am eating anything from the description you gave.

  10. WRONG, wrong, WRONG! Ok, I started writing a post about comparing this show to a train wreck and then I accidently deleted all of my brilliant words. So…. that’s all you get. GROSS, ackkkkk barf!

  11. If you’re going into debt buying toilet paper, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. I mean, who is this lady?

    Also, thank you for giving me another ridiculous TLC TV show obsession…must figure out when this is on, because it’s right up my crazypants alley.


    Also? Love the old grapefruit peel. That is amazing.

  12. I am seriously dead over this post, you are so freaking hysterical. I love that your brother made it on the blog with his shenanigans, haha!! HOT DOG MAKE-UP KIT!!!!!!
    And that shoe with the cord? bahaha!! You guys are the best. I’m mourning over the loss of my satellite tv (did I tell you we cancelled our tv? We did. It was so sad I wanted to hold a memorial service. OBVIOUSLY I’m still upset over it.) I can’t believe I’m going to miss seeing this treasure of a show!
    Alsoooo, I use cloth wipes on Moriah’s hiney when we’re at home and I have thought of using them on my own hiney for #1 on occasion. DON’T UNFRIEND ME, I CAN FEEL YOUR JUDGEMENT FROM HERE. lol! I haven’t done it yet but I mean dangit, it’s tempting.
    But Hell to the no with those nasty stains. That’s just SICK. And they expect their guests to use them too?! GAH!
    This comment is ridic. I apologize. The end.

  13. What?! She flushes the toilet AND uses even more water to wash the wipers?! And spends the money on detergent? Now this is how one does not save the planet. Oh Dear.

  14. My first thought is.. doesn’t the bathroom smell like a freaking outhouse with all that unflushed “toilet paper” sitting in a trashcan?! And what about when you have your lady time? Oh my goodness there’s too many gross images floating around my head now! Like someone else said, if TP expenses are really what make or break you, you’re doing wrong! So wrong. They sell that stuff at the dollar store! Jeeeeeeez.

  15. HA! Thank you for this!!! I watched this episode w/ the woman who doesn’t buy TP and the odd food she served her friends AND the Goat Heads… ZOMG! DYING! Freaks just eat veggies instead of goat heads. I’m sure somewhere over seas this dish is an amazing thing but they were sprinkling MRS. DASH on it heavily to change the flavor so his wife might eat it!!!

    Nice ideas by the way!!!

  16. My husband promised to steel toilet paper from the gas station bathroom before we resort to reuseable wipes! AAAAHHHH

  17. This made me laugh SO HARD. My sister was talking about the exact same thing regarding this show the other day (I haven’t seen it). And you’re right, imo, they aren’t saving much money if at all. You can buy cheap ass toiler paper, I’m sure, for the same as it costs to run the laundry. :)

  18. Too funny! I saw the one with the dude getting the anni-present for his wife. I loved the fact that he only married her because he needed dental work done. Classy!

  19. Uuuuugh! I would much rather work an extra hour or two a month and buy tp in bulk then have to wash poo out of cloth rags everyday. You know that bathroom has to stink really badly. Yuuuuuck!!!!

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