Hiiiiii, remember me?

I’m the one who hassled you all to finish up your Pinterest projects by January 15th so we could have a big celebration and then didn’t follow through because I haven’t had internet since Thursday and I’ve been busy MOVING INTO A HOUSE and cleaning and unpacking and losing my mind (but more on that later), but I mostly just wanted to say I’m so sorry for being Flaky McFlakypants, let you know that I’ll have a roundup of all the awesome projects you completed and show you mine and now I’ll end this super long run on sentence with a big fat I LOVE YOU.

11 thoughts on “Pinterest Partayy Roundup – COMING SOON, I PROMISE, DON’T MURDER ME IN MY SLEEP

  1. Eh, moving turns any rational, family oriented woman into Flaky McFlakypants. I, at least, won’t fault you for it. Congrats on the new house!

  2. Aww crud. i totally forgot about the deadline.
    but since you’re running late…maybe you won’t mind and/or notice if I go back and sneak my little linky poo right in there…???

  3. Who cares about the pinterest party?! (Ok I care a little, but I still have to sew heart patches on my sweater for my project). POST PICTURES OF YOUR HOUSE! I’m so excited for you!!

  4. Woohoo for a new house! You’re allowed to be Flaky…coming from someone who moves ENTIRELY too much (the joys of being a military wife!) you have my forgiveness ;)

    And I totally flaked on my pinterest project anyway…remember when I said I wanted to do a project a week this year? Yeah…that hasn’t happened. I have a project 99% finished after 2 weeks (should’ve only taken me a day…*smacks forehead*) but my hubby is gone for 6 weeks and my dryer went on the fritz so my current projects are 1) stay sane as a single mom of 3 kids ages 10 and under, and 2) fix my dryer!

  5. Gahhhh.. You weren’t kidding. Hours and hours of the past two days have been spent glued to the computer on this site. To be fair, I’ve learned some pretty neat things. Justified.

    Thanks so much!

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