18 thoughts on “Does it count as a craft fail if a 3 year old made it?

  1. I pinned this too! Wait, what kind of styrofoam balls are you supposed to buy? I didn’t know there was a right and a wrong! Also, it’s totally acceptable to be crafting while ignoring boxees that need to be unpacked. I’ve been doing it for weeks!

  2. Krysta: I bought the cheapest kind at Joann’s and didn’t look at them closely enough. They were more smooth/solid looking than the typical styrofoam, if that makes any sense? Just go with the regular kind and you’ll be fine!

  3. omggg! A peek into your new house! It looks so put together already and you’re already doing a dang craft?! Are you kidding me superwoman!? I love what I see of your kitchen!
    I want to come over and seeee your new place!!!!

  4. Eeeee! I spy a bit of your new house! How exciting! Love those white cabinets! I also spy hardwood floors. :) Awesome! Can’t wait to see more. Also, like everyone has said — that is way impressive that you are already crafting at your new place!

  5. Lol, thanks for the laugh. I love those “nailed it” pics when you try to tackle a project you see online etc.

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