Jewelry Review: T+J Designs

You may remember the super adorable pink teardrop earrings I was wearing in the Drugstore Beauty Love post. A few of you have already perused T+J Designs and picked up a pair for yourselves, but for the rest of you who haven’t, GET READY. You’re about to have a steamy love affair with your computer screen.

(Meaning, with the JEWELRY. Not me, sickos.)

-- wearing the Pink & Gold Layered Necklace --

T+J is owned by the sweet and gorgeous Tiffany from one of my all-time favorite fashion blogs, I Am Style-ish. Tiffany and her sister Jen have serious style and an obvious talent in designing jewelry. I’m incredibly thrilled I was able to get my little grubby paws on three pieces from their collection.

-- wearing the Light Blue Pyramid Bracelet --
-- wearing Pink Teardrop earrings --

For someone who is accustomed to the poostank grade Forever21 stuff, I have to say what a thrill it is to wear truly nice jewelry. Nothing is falling apart, chipping or fading and you can just feel the difference in the quality. On top of everything else I love about T+J, their prices are incredibly reasonable. You guys will love their stuff, trust me.

Go check them out!

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14 thoughts on “Jewelry Review: T+J Designs

  1. You look so lovely and the pieces are darling! I would like to know where your blazer came from. I have been looking for a lined blazer that I can roll up the sleeves like that! Please indulge me!

  2. Jane: I’ll let them know, thank you!

    Jennifer: Thanks so much! That blazer was a gift from Forever21. :)

  3. good lord you’re GORGEOUS woman! Like serious model status. You’re making me realize that this year I am creeping even *closer* to 30 and am still wearing my same uniform from 2002 which solely involves boyfriend t-shirts, jeans & cardigans….I should prob grow up and dress like a big girl any day now huh? Hmm.
    You look amazing tho, for real and that jewelry is MIGHTY fine too!

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