Maddie-isms – Volume 1

These are a few of the things my three year old has said lately that have cracked us up. I’m not sure if these are actually funny or that I just die laughing because she’s starting to act a lot like Justin and I, but here you go.

Keep in mind, she watches a lot of Disney movies. I think that may be the inspiration behind some of the silly thoughts.

While I was baking, she came up and stuck her finger in the powder ingredients. “I Pochahontas-ed it.” (poked)

Me: Maddie, go back to bed. This is nap time.

Maddie: Okay, Your Highness.

Maddie: Who’s my father?

Justin: I am.

Maddie: Who’s my other father?

Came up to me while I had facial hair remover cream on my lip. (WE ALL HAVE FUZZY GIRLSTACHES, SHUT IT.) Politely giggled as if she was very amused with my antics and said, “Whatcha got there?”

Frequently says, “Yes, Stepmother” if I ask her to do something chore-like.

Me: Time to go inside! It’s getting too hot out here.

Maddie: I don’t want to!! (fit throwing, screaming, refusing, etc.)

5 minutes later…

Me: Get inside right now before I drag you in!

Maddie: A DRAGON!?! AHHHHHH! (runs inside immediately)

Drawings of her family:

“Mommy, that’s you and your coffee.”

“That’s me and Daddy.” Looks like a scene from Signs.

“Mommy and Jack. *giggles* He has a big head. And that’s a spider. *growls* SMASH IT.”

24 thoughts on “Maddie-isms – Volume 1

  1. They are hilarious! When my mom used to make me unload the dishwasher I would imagine that she was the evil stepmother and that if I completed all my chores birds and deer would lead me to a prince. Yup.

  2. Hahaha. No, this is hilarious. I love the personalities they start to develop. She’ll be funny, that one. The fact that she calls you step mother? Oh my gosh. Killed me.

  3. bahahahaaa! She reminds me of me – and I’m 23! I think my husband and I would get along with your family wonderfully!! :p

  4. Unrelated…sort of – what facial hair removal cream do you like? I was getting waxed, but that is seemingly pricy and inconvenient!

  5. OMG, too too funny. I just sprayed my morning coffee on my computer. Love ‘your highness’ and clearly you were having a great mascara day when she did your portrait! So much cuteness!

  6. Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS! Also, why do kids draw such cute/creepy looking pictures? It’s like, aw so sweet! Wait why are there x’s through my eyes…?

  7. Hehehe…buckle your seatbelt girl! Mine is 7 and started out the same way as your Maddie from the time she started talking. I always kid her that she’s trying to win an Oscar lol. I thought of your blog last night of your shopping trip and how you broke down crying in the parking lot. I was right there with you on that. By the time I was through shopping with my 7 and 3 yr olds, I was practically in tears. I swear they loose all aspects of rules and minding when in public places!

  8. I love this post and all of M’s-“ism’s”! My girl likes to ask strangers in the check out at the store, “Are you my mother??” when I am standing right next to her…come to find out, she got that from a Dr. Seuss book! But yes, she also says, “Yes, your majesty!” to me…I try not to laugh, but always fail. TOO FUNNY!

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