Win a monster for your little monster!

I had big plans for this post. I was going to sit down with my little angels and have ourselves a cute photoshoot, showing you all a product that our family loves. But as usual, the kids didn’t cooperate. Jack is either pointing at the fan or trying to pull his sister’s hair and Maddie’s making some sort of silly face or not sitting ladylike in her dress. We decided to just roll with it.

In the end, it was perfect and a bit poetic because my kids were being absolute monsters… which is exactly what I’m giving away!

North American Bear Co. contacted me a few months ago and offered to send one of their adorable monster dolls to one of my readers. My kids have never been big stuffed animal fans, but there’s just something about these silly dolls that have made them converts. Maddie and Jack drag them ALL around the house. I’m pretty sure Jack is gnawing on one as we speak. He’s special.

I just really love how quirky they are! Come to find out, they are part of a line of dolls called Make My Own Monster.  So our two monsters were made from actual drawings and they came with a little story the child wrote about them. So awesome.

So are you ready to win a monster of your choice?  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. I will accept entries until Wednesday, February 28th at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. I’ll contact the winner via email.

Good luck!

93 thoughts on “Win a monster for your little monster!

  1. Cute! Alex would love these! (and as far as the photo shoot…I think the pics you got will make you smile more in the long run… :) )

  2. I don’t want to win one (as I don’t have any little monsters, unless you count my dog), but I just wanted to say your little boy is TOO CUTE! I love his little chubby cheeks!

  3. Oh man, those are awesome! My little monsters would love one, the drag their stuffed animals everywhere! We even had a birthday party for their “babies” a few days ago!

  4. Oh, those are just so cute! I’d love to win a monster for my little monster… we even had a monster party for his first birthday and he’s been living up to the name quite nicely (or terribly, I suppose).

    My kids do that to me constantly with photos- my oldest (4) will scream ‘Cheese!’ as she’s looking off to the side. Getting her to even look at the camera, let alone smile too, is impossible… throw in her brother and it’s a recipe for disaster. I keep thinking ‘Maybe when they get older…’ but so far haven’t been lucky ;)

  5. What a neat idea! Kinda jealous that I didn’t think of it ;) Whatevs, they are super adorable so I’ll forgive!
    Your monsters are pretty stinkin’ adorable too!
    PS If I win, I’m probably gonna keep it for myself! LOL How could would it be to have a LIBRARY monster! I think the middle schoolers would totally dig it!

  6. Bella would love a little monster — and she’s just like your kids, making silly faces and looking away when the camera comes out.
    Your two are darling by the way.

  7. Show me the monster! Show me the monster!

    Or more delicately put, please consider this comment as an entry in your monster give away.

    Your little monsters are quite precious and getting so big. My own baby monsters are 2 and 5 and taking decent pictures of them is like trying to squeeze my chunky butt into a speedo (it’s just not happening and it just doesn’t look good)!

  8. I’ve been reading your blog forever, and only commented a handful of times, but couldn’t resist the contest to win a monster for my little monster. Keep sharing your stories – it’s really encouraging from one stay at home mom to another. If you can keep your sanity intact with two, I certainly can with only one toddler!

  9. Oh monsters!! I don’t think I can get enough of them; I have three little monstas! Rawr. I think it won’t hurt to add one more ;) My two year old would have a such FIT over this! FTW giveaway!

  10. Love these! My son likes stuffed animals but is very picky about them being “for boys”. How perfect for him!

  11. I have two little monsters of my own..and I just know a third one would be sooo welcome in their little circle! :)

  12. I’ve heard about these. So cute and such a great idea. Thanks for the giveaway! My little boy would love one of these!

  13. Omg! We call my little cousin monster and her first birthday is next month. She would LOVE this!! Her bday is monster themed, so I’d be the favorite for sure. ;) so cute.

  14. My kids LOVE stuffed animals! Even my “I’m way too cool for ANYTHING” ten year old son. I think he has more stuffed toys than my 4 year old daughter!

    I love that they are designed after kids drawings…how awesome!

  15. my kids would LOVE one of these! And I wanted to say i adore that crocheted blanket on your couch!! it is gorgeous and I want to win that!

  16. I need a cute monster for Maddy, or my future children ;) I really think they are awesome – I just looked at the website and was totally cracking up over some of them.

  17. Your little monsters are adorable!! These dolls look fantastic. I would SO love to win a little monster for my little monster. Thank you!!

  18. These are super cute! I have 2 little monkey monsters of my own that would love this! Thanks for the chance!!

  19. Wow, these are sweet! I love how Jack it totally zooming out in some of the photos…you inspire me! :]

  20. Your blog CRACKS ME UP!! I absolutely LOVE how you tell it exactly like it is! And BTW…my monsters would love to have a monster too! :O)

  21. So stinkin cute! I would love nothing more than to win a little monster for the monster cooking in my belly! It could be her best friend growing up!

  22. Those are so cute, oh and the kiddies too! :) I love all of the candid shots, those are the best pictures to save for the kids when they get older.

  23. Laila would love a monster, I just know it. I had these great fantasies of calling her “lailabug” before I had her but after she arrived all we called her for months was “monster”.

  24. My little monster would love to have his own little monster! His nickname has been monster since forever, because he had the colick from hell!

  25. These are super cute! We call our son “Monster” and I know he’d love to have a monster of his own to drag around… love your blog! Your kiddos are adorable. :)

  26. If my 8 yr old son drew himself a “custom” monster, it would be a vampire princess. He weirdly has a fascination with both. My 5 yr old girl would draw an “evil alien girl, who’s nice to people, but not to aliens”. And my 3 yr old would draw a Batman monster. Funny how they are all so different.

  27. This might be my first comment on your blog! You are so hilarious, you always put a smile on my face:)
    Those monsters are awesome, my guys would love it!
    (btw, thanks for making entry to this giveaway easy!)

  28. We have 4 kiddos, 3 girlies and a boy…he’s the baby and his name is Jack. Jack needs all the help he can get in girl land. I can see him now holding up his monster to his youngest sister Sophia, who is 19 mths. older than him, and believing that he could now handle her…cause’ now he’s got “backup” in the form of his monster :)

  29. SO nice seeing im not alone trying to get decent photos of my kids lol! these are adorable and know my youngest daughters would love one of these!

  30. I already commented once but I really cannot stop thinking about this goofy monster doll! I want to win SO bad!! *Fingers and Toes crossed really super tight*

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