Happy Birthday, Tubbins!

Well, my baby boy is a year old today. There’s not much to say other than he needs to stoppit right now.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, silly, chunky Jack. We love you!

Now please excuse me while I go creepily stare at him while he sleeps.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tubbins!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jack!!! Can’t wait to see what type of mischief you and Mason get yourselves into in the future!!!

  2. Well, If staring at him is creepy, what is taking their picture while they sleep? (don’t answer that). I do it every year on the night before each of my kids’ birthdays knowing it’s the last time they’ll be that age. I’m usually crying a little while I do it.
    I know, very creepy. But, in my defense, they’re so cute when they’re sleeping, and quiet.
    Happy 1st bday!

  3. I can’t even tell you how it amazes me that a year has gone by…I mean, really though =/
    I adore the second to last picture of him, he has SUCH a sweet smile and I love those teeefs!!! He really is a gentle giant <3 xoxo Happy birthday sweet jack boy!

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