Drugstore Beauty Love: Bubblegum Pink

Judging by the reaction of my last Drugstore Beauty Love post along with the tweets and emails that followed, YOU GUYS LOVE YOUR LIP BUTTER. Can I just say how giddy it makes me that we have a common obsession? It makes me feel all kumbaya and girl powery knowing that you’re all doing the same thing I am: Bringing home multiple shades of these lipsticks and explaining to your husbands that no, you’re not crazy, these things are freaking awesome and that you might need just one more because Tutti Frutti just looks like sex in lipstick tube. (That was intended to sound appealing!)

I’m here to talk about my favorite PINK beauty products. Keep in mind, these can all be found at Target and will not, I REPEAT, will not break the bank. That’s what I love most!

I have a thing for pink. Always have, always will. I’m drawn to bright, ultra-girly bubblegum shades and get really excited when I find one that works for me. These are my current loves:

  • Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Cupcake
  • Essie Nail Polish in Lovie Dovie
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics blush in Pink Passion

Now before you go all HOLY NICKI MINAJ! Those are ridiculously bright!…┬ásee what they look like on your average white girl:

And I am WHITE. Like, glowingly-so. The e.l.f. blush may look scary in the package, but when applied with a light hand, it’s totally not boom badoom boom, boom badoom boom bass status. Unless that’s a good thing? Then, BOOM. Also, it’s like $3. Can’t beat it.

Look, ma! My left hand┬ácan be on Pinterest now! But seriously, Essie’s Lovie Dovie has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. It’s the perfect pink. And Lord knows if I strayed from my beloved Revlon polish, it was for a legit reason. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

Now, for me, this is the best part… what are YOUR favorite beauty products in the lovely shade of pink?


28 thoughts on “Drugstore Beauty Love: Bubblegum Pink

  1. I think you are the only person who TRULY understands my love for bubble gum pink :-)

    Ok, I know I told you about this before, but I’m still VERY in love with Mac’s Vera Pearlmatte blush palette in Flower Fantasy (linked here http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/8374/21038/MAC-Vera-Pearlmatte-Face-Powder/index.tmpl)

    and, their kissable lip color in Enchantee (sold out online though, sorry :-( ) http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/166/21029/Shop-MAC-Kissable-Lipcolour/index.tmpl

    and I have Cupcake too :-)

    Love pink!

    I am going to need that nail polish too now. Darn you Morgan ;-)

  2. Nat, this blog post was totally written with you in mind! You’re the one who convinced me to get Cupcake in the first place and I. Am. Obsessed. Thank you for the recommendations… I neeeeeeed Enchantee!

  3. I just love reading you blog!!!! You are soooo hilarious! You just make me want to hang out with you. :) I totally do not mean for that to sound creepy/stalker-ish in any way. :D I am quite obsessed with pink as well and bought that same polish shade a few months ago. Wishing for spring…

  4. I just first have to say how much I enjoy your blog! You literally make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Thanks for taking me out of the doldrums of my working day!
    As for my favorite shade of pink, I’m more of a “mauve” kind of girl. I know, it totally sounds like I’m stuck in the 80’s (ugh, I just used ‘totally’… I am stuck in the 80’s!), but I feel those tones tend to flatter my barely there skin tone. I use Clinique lipstick “sugared maple,” Covergirl blush in “iced plum,” and eyeshadow in “mink.”

  5. I am obsessed with pink blush. I have not seen the E.L.F. brand while in Canada though. Sad, I know. I was thinking about trying the maybelline bouncy blush but feel like I’m slightly retarded when it comes to applying cream blush. Tips?

  6. you look gorgeous in these pinks! i, on the other hand, would look like a barbie doll in these shades with my blond hair. i have to stick with rosier shades of pink. but essie, i LOVE me some essie. i justify buying them because i’m saving money by doing my own manicures but at 8 bucks a pop, they’re honestly not saving me any money. but maybe that’s my own fault since i really shouldn’t be buying a new color every couple of weeks. my husband would kill me if he found out!!

  7. I seriously think you are the cutest! I love all of that pink and I like that it’s not BOOM crazy!

  8. LIP BUTTERS ARE THE AWESOME. and yes, my husband has NO CLUE why i have 5 of them…and intend to get at least 2 more (because lollipop and peach parfait? have to happen. and probably cherry tart. SUCH an addiction).

    i’m gonna have to check out that blush, i too am a super white white girl…but i love me some pink =)

  9. I’m usually a MAC girl, but a friend recently introduced me to Mary Kay’s Fancy Nancy Lip gloss. It’s delightfully pink with a touch of sparkle. Added bonus – it’s not sticky and has pretty long wear! Can’t get it at the drugstore, but if you don’t know a MK “lady” you can get it online!

  10. Sephora has a lip gloss called “Pin Up Pink” that I absolutely LOVEEEEE! I even have two of these, one for work and one for my bag. Although it isn’t drugstore brand, the Sephora brad is reasonably priced. Oh,and it looks a little intense (like your blush) but is lighter when applied.

  11. Okay, so I’m totally convinced we are meant to be best friends. I don’t know how that would work because you live in California (right?) and I’m in Texas, but dang it we both love our bargains, both have a fat little boy and a sassy little girl, both love bubble gum pink and we even have nerdy/adorable husbands. Maybe we can be pen pals?? No?

    Anyway, I have not been able to find lip butters ANYWHERE! I saw a display for them at CVS and there were non left. Do you know if they have them at Walmart or Walgreens? I need these, STAT!

  12. I was afraid of what that blush was going to do to your face, but it’s perfect. I think I have that essie polish, or a color very close!

  13. That blush looks stunning on you! I dont think it would work with my complexion but it looks marvelous on you. Love that pink glow.
    Oh and I have nominated you for the awesome Versatile blogger award! :) Go check out my blog post…Thanks again for our support!
    EMily… thepostscriptofemilywilsondesign.blogspot.com

  14. omg I have been addicted to pink for about six months now. I LOVE it. I have so many different shades of nail polish, but a lot of them are pink. Some even look similar to each other, but I can tell the difference (maybe a shade darker or a little lighter)…it takes a very trained eye to see the difference, ha! That’s what I like to tell myself at least…

    Oh and Essie is my latest obsession. I have so many polishes by them it’s not even funny.


  15. oh yes! I agree…I had that exact shade-lovie dovie done at a salan for a pedi once, it was gorgeous and so summery!! love it too!

  16. Morgan I love these posts!
    Also, your lip butter tip sent me to Target the very next day. I now have three lip butters and have to resist the magnetic lip butter pull every time I go to Target. LOVE THEM.
    Thanks for all of the bubblegum pink tips. I love Pompeii Purple by OPI. It’s more Barbie pink than bubblegum, but still perfectly Springish. :)

  17. Did you get that striped shirt at Target? If so I just got the same one last week, I love it!
    I adore all of this pink and I know if I wore it I really would look like Nicki Minaj, I tried Sarah’s lip butters on and not a single one looked decent on me lol! Oh wells.
    You on the other hand look gorgeous! And I want that nail polish. PRONTO.

  18. I lurv pink. My absolute favorite. I love your makeup choices but my big question is: do you dye your hair and if so what product do you use or is it professional? I have been half-heartedly highlighting my hair for ages and I’m ready to go back to my brunette roots.

  19. June: Thank you! And I actually had my hair professionally done lately, but I normally use a Medium Ash Brown from the beauty supply. Not the box dye, but the one you mix with a developer. It lasts quite a while!

  20. Susan: I’m pretty sure I was wearing MAC’s Shroom (as a base), Antiqued on the lid and Mystery in the crease. It looked more bronze in person.

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