Recent Shenanigans

The past week has been a fun, crafty, BUSY one. Probably one of the best I’ve had in a while though.

Here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve been up to…

Working on an Anthro headband knockoff (tutorial to come later this week!)

Having a fun night out with the girls (Shea & Jimaie) for my birthday.

Making a couple more wreaths. BIG SURPRISE, I’m still addicted to them.

L: A gift for my mother in law. R: Yet ANOTHER one for our house.

Ordering tons of pretty wallpaper samples (for FREE). I’m thinking some sort of wall mural for the office…

Receiving this stack of gorgeous felt from Benzie Bazaar on Etsy. I can’t WAIT to do something fun with it!

Scoring a stack of awesome old books for a quarter each at an estate sale. Now THAT’S what mama’s talkin about.

Obsessing over Downton Abbey, aka THE BEST SHOW OF MY LIFE. A big thanks to Ashley for the recommendation!

And finally, wasting entirely too much time playing Draw Something on the iPad. Obviously, it’s distracting because I don’t actually know if I worked out that day or just got changed and then sat down to play. Be addicted with me! Username: ohmorgosh

26 thoughts on “Recent Shenanigans

  1. #1 LOVE US! Obviously.
    #2 Hello Wreaths. GIMME!
    #3 Could you be any cuter on your chair in workout clothes? I mean really.

  2. Where are you ordering the free wallpaper samples? Because, FYI, I WANT THEM. Oh many, so many crafty possibilities.

    And I still have to make a wreath or two (or three) from your tutorial. I mean…I could make year-’round wreaths…

  3. *in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice* LUCKY!!
    Those books are gorgeous! What a score!
    And please tell where you’re ordering the wall paper samples from, I’m actually looking to wall paper a wall with something like the bird cage one in your photo.
    Thanks! -Kate

  4. Trisha: I got them from Anthropologie’s website! I ordered some to be shipped to my mom too… I WANT SO MANY! And wreaths, yesss. Oh my gosh, they’re not just for doors anymore either. I have them EVERYWHERE!

    Kate: lol! I love your Napoleon voice. I got the wallpaper samples from Anthro’s site!

  5. I was about to ask where you got the felt for your wreath (the one for your house) then I saw the picture of etsy felt.. is that where you get all your variety of colors?? Joanns and Michaels always has such basic colors and yours are always so purrrrty. I’d love to know :)

  6. OK pretty much exactly what Shea said, haha!
    I adore the new wreath you made for your house, the whole shelf looked so cute!
    And that is BRILLIANT with the wallpaper sample idea! Love that!
    And 25 cents for those books? You better take me with you next time woman, that is amazing. I have the thrifting itch so bad lately!
    Sarah and John were signing Downtown Abbey’s praises when I was with them this weekend, they told me it’s a MUST WATCH so I guess I really do need to get on it!

  7. You are ADORBS. Ashamed to admit, but I want to buy an iPad just to be able to play Draw Something on it. Cale’s not on board with that idea, sadly.

  8. oh i love the wreath you made for your place, it’s so cute!! & please do tell how you get free wallpaper samples, they’re so cute & fun and perfect for craftiness endeavors.

    also, downton abbey. i’m five episodes in and so very much intrigued. it’s just so fascinating. also it seriously makes me want to be fancy all of the time.

  9. Everything about this post makes me happy. Wallpaper samples, colorful felt and Draw Something! Perfection.

  10. I just found out the other day it’s Downton, not Downtown. But I still insist on calling it Downtown Abbey. Sounds sleazier, haha.

    I like everything that’s going on in this post. Wreaths, free wallpaper, cheap books, all good!

  11. Why didn’t you tell us it was your birthday? Crazy lady! I hope your birthday was super duper fantabulous, just like you!

  12. Thank you for the wallpaper sample info ~love them!! We are getting an Anthro finally in our area…can’t wait to see all the s’marvelous things there.

  13. I haven’t gotten into Downton yet! Ive heard so much about it I might have to start watching!

    And thanks for the posting about the Felt Etsy shop! I’ve been looking for some more colorful felt!! :)


  14. 1. That headband is way cute!
    2. Looks like you girlies had a fun night! I like that over the shoulder top you wore. Adorable!
    3. Eeek! Loving those wreaths. And the little birdies in those photos.
    4. Um, yes — I also want to copy your brilliant wallpaper sample idea. Genius!
    5. Oooh FELT! Such pretty colors.
    6. Love those books! A quarter??? Please invite me too next time you go to an estate sale!
    7. Yes, best show ever!!!!
    8. You must stop being so cute in your workout clothes!

  15. LOL I tried to start a game with you – love that game! – but you have too many games going.

  16. I love Downton Abbey ! I watched Season 1 on Netflix and my sis got me Season 2 a couple of days ago at Target. I have already finished it. You get so lost in it.

  17. Love this list. Happy birthday!
    Also, I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY. I wish I lived at Downton Abbey.
    And I can’t wait to share your tutorial tomorrow!
    ps- What are you wallpapering? And where did you get those samples??? LO-OVE.

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