4 thoughts on “I’m guest posting today at kojodesigns

  1. Oh I saw your tutorial over at Kojodesigns and must say I’m smitten with your bow/headband! And the question of the day? Who sings the song you made reference to? And when did it come out? Yep, they were one of my favorite bands back in the day… (and yeah that particular song was popular, hugely popular when I was in high school.. making me an old fogey! ha ha!)

  2. Peggy, you’re too sweet! And it was Devo, Whip it! I’m surprised anyone realized what I was talking about, haha! I like you!

  3. I was totally only half paying attention as I clicked through my ‘next’ button today and I was all like lalala scroll down… wait, that’s Morgan’s headband she did a sneak peek of, aren’t I on Kojo? Scroll up… yes, kojo featuring Morgan. You go girl!

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