Immature things I find hilarious

Justin thinks I’m corny and have an extremely immature sense of humor. While this may be true in some cases (see: my love for Spongebob), there are some things that are so hilarious and I can’t understand why everyone in the universe wouldn’t pee a little in agreement.

There’s this AT&T commercial with the flash mob guy who busts out dancing too early and it freaking KILLS ME every time. I’ve seen the thing at least 50 times and it still has the same effect. I’ll be cracking up when he does the bent over backwards-swimming arms-shuffle thing and look over to Justin on the couch, expecting him to be laughing alongside me. Yeah… he’s never laughing. He just looks at me with a disapproving stare and slowly shakes his head. Watch it.


Back to Spongebob. There was a time when I absolutely loathed the show and wanted to beat myself over the head with something large and heavy anytime it was on tv. SO MUCH GOING ON. SO MUCH NOISE. And then there’s that thing about how it’s bad for the brain and causes learning problems of some sort. The show is just bad. The thing is, I don’t let Maddie watch it, but I will on occasion. WHAT IS IMMATURE ABOUT THAT, JUSTIN?! There’s this episode where Spongebob is so scared that his eyeballs start screaming. It sounds ridiculous and disgusting, and it IS… BUT I STILL DIE.

Now, movies that remind me of my childhood will always hold a special place in my heart. My brother and I watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York all year round. Nothing beyond the first two movies though because they just started getting stupid. The originals, though? Comedy gold! Kevin beating up on The Wet Bandits still gets me every time. Apparently, my brother and I reference Home Alone often in everyday conversations because Justin is always saying how obsessed my family is with the franchise. Maybe we are… and MAYBE WE ARE.

Harry getting his head torched right before he jumps into the snow headfirst. heeeeeee

Marv trying to break in the house through the doggy door. He just saw Kevin sitting there with a bb gun. lawls


Don’t even get me started on Dennis the Menace, guys.

  • Chiclets to replace the two front teeth in Mr. Wilson’s dentures
  • “G.D. garden lanterns!”
  • “Tastes like paint… and wood.”
  • The little cross-eyed kid, Gunther
I’ve always felt a sort of kinship with Gunther, being that I had crossed eyes as a kid. Okay, and I still do occasionally, but only when I’m sleepy. :)
Anyway, that’s the reason I don’t feel guilty for laughing when he makes this face:
I  giggled a little too much while writing this post.
Oh my gosh, you guys. I have a problem.

17 thoughts on “Immature things I find hilarious

  1. haaahahahaa i love you so much right now. that flashmob commercial is so great. ahhhh thanks for the laughs.

  2. I hear you! Well…since it is confession time…I too find SpongeBob Squarepants hilarious and always watch it. The kids do too, but then they are 8 and 10, so i am sure it is fine! The one that gets me every time is the movie with the “hoff” as a surfboard! And of course I know the theme song off by heart! {I make my kids proud!}

  3. Oh my god, you killed me with this! Your eye for comedy is spot on. That picture of Gunther is just. too. much. Whenever I eat an apple I ALWAYS think of that part in Dennis the Menace when Hobo Christopher Lloyd asks lil G, “Whatcha eatin there sport?” and his darling little cross-eyed reply, “Uh apple.”

    I reference Home Alone on the regular too, so clearly your hubs is in the minority. “Nice night for a neck injury!” is my go-to line.

    This comment is getting out of control, but here’s a link to my favorite commercial ever. I’d love to meet the genius behind this comedic gem:

  4. Christen: HAHAHA, that commercial! Your son rip is on line toot. I love that you appreciate and understand this.

  5. dennis the menace is HILARIOUS. i now want to watch it about 15 times.

    i know there are at least 10 commercials that make me CRACK UP, and then i get “the look” from the hubs. i totally feel your pain.

  6. MMk. So, I think I may be raising a mini Sponge Bob and the mom of the year I am didn’t even think that it was hurting his little brain!! Crap. We are watching it right now! We both just laugh and laugh. The FUN song is our favorite! He thinks Plankton is a pickle or a jelly bean! It’s comedy school?? Chase used air quotes the other day and said Sponge Boob! So, he can be funny? Not good enough? Crap.

  7. ohmygosh, i LOVE the at&t commerical too, i crack up every.time and my husband always says, “it’s really not THAT funny babe” and my response, “oh, YES it is let me rewind it.”

  8. My favorite part of Home Alone 2 is when the tool chest comes down the stairs and smashes them into the wall. I still quote “That was the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs” in that weird voice and tweak my nose every once in awhile! ;)

  9. FINALLY… someone gets me AND quotes Dennis the Menace. ZOMG I love that damn movie. I talk about it and my husband is like “THE F?” He has no idea. I think my favorite part is when his friend says “Forts don’t got carpet!”… and when Dennis whines “Margaret’s house? I didn’t do anything bad enough to deserve to go her house… she’ll torture me, I’ll go crazy… She’s mean, she’s ugly and she doesn’t SHARE!!!”

    I also LOVE Home Alone.. I think my favorite part is when Danny yells at the other burglar “FROM A TREE HOUSE?” {as in Kevin is going to call the cops from his tree house}. I have rewound that so many times and just cackled.

    Thank you for reminding me I’m not too strange, just a little. ox

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