Creepy internet impersonators are creepy.

HEY, internet people who hijack photos of my children and pretend they are your own: QUIT IT. I mean, honestly. The fact that I’m even writing this right now boggles my mind, but apparently some people need it spelled out for them.

For example, decent human beings do not take a post I wrote about my daughter’s terrifying visit to the hospital and turn it into an entire blog devoted to a sick child named Madeline who is dying from a heart defect AND USE ACTUAL PHOTOS OF MY KID. How freaking demented is that?! I can’t. I just can’t.

Also, to the girls who are using my pregnant belly photos as their own… by chopping off my head, you are not fooling me. I recognize my own badonk and so do my friends on Facebook who email me links to your fake profile and blog.

Now to the rest of you: Hi! I love you. Thank you for not being creepy weirdos. I appreciate that very much and you get props for being normal.

I hope none of this sounds self-important. I wouldn’t care so much if it were just photos of me being used, but do NOT mess with my kids. That crosses the line and I have every right to be angry. I won’t be giving credit to any of these women because they don’t deserve it. I will however be installing a panic room in my closet because HELLO. People are scary.

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  1. Umm, these people are a bit ridiculous. Thank goodness you have people who found these photos so that you know it is happening!!!

  2. Believe it or not this actually happens quite a lot and it’s really sad!! That’s part of the reason I made my blog private for the time being until I can figure out what I want to do. But yeah people are creepy as hell! The internet definitely isn’t what it used to be!

  3. Don’t (creepy) people know how scary these things are!?!?
    Hope you’re doing ok, despite the creepy people…
    Sarah (the Dutch one)

  4. and that is why everyone should trademark tag their pictures. and why i have repeatedly asked my MIL not to post pictures of my kid on her facebook account.

  5. There should be someone you could report these impersonators to! That’s wrong on so many levels. I would contact the powers that be for the blog they used and report them, and report them to FB as well. Sheesh, good luck girl!

  6. I don’t think that it sounds self important. Obviously it needs to be addressed if it’s happened multiple times :( Very sorry this is happening to you. People can be utterly disgraceful.

  7. Oh my lord in heaven. That is completely messed. up. I agree with Mandy above me, you should have every right to find them and slap the crap out of them. And take away their computers.

  8. Thanks, guys. It’s been happening for quite a while, but with the most recent ones, I just had enough. Thankfully, Facebook is awesome about taking down fake profiles! They really helped and did it fast!

  9. Wait… i totally thought that was okay to do? ….My bad.

    ;) Just kidding! Thats creepy as crap. I guess now I understand why so many bloggers put those HUGE watermarks all over their dang pictures. Its hard to see the picture, but I guess it makes it worth it to keep those creeps away!

  10. Uber creepy but I have seen it often on BabyCenter. People make fake accounts, take others pictures and start pages saying that the child has cancer or something. They then ask people for money to help “their child” and people fall for it. It’s disgusting. It’s definitely the downfall of having a public blog :(

  11. WTH!? This is the reason why I hesitated to even blog. People are wacked and sickening. I had to go through and change and delete a bunch in the beginning because there were sickos getting to my blog by googling 5th grade girl. Weirdos. OMG, this post genuinely got my adrenaline going for you! So insane! Panic Room!!!

  12. I feel sick, both for you personally, and thinking about this happening. My blog is pretty new, and mostly just craft stuff but I have at least a couple photos of my girls on there… now I’m thinking of pulling them. It’s one thing to copy my craft and say it was yours but stealing images of your kids and claiming them… just wrong, creepy, icky, morning after drinking way to much taste in your mouth gross.

  13. Wow. People are crazy with a capital C! I mean… What the H (sorry for language)
    Can’t you putt a Anti- Copy plugin to your website? This way it’s a lot harder to copy things of your page?
    I know that people always can find a way to steal things when they want to, but sometimes making things a little harder for them, makes them stop copying things, because they have to do an efford for it.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way. Don’t think I’m blaming you or anything. It’s just a little advice from a dutch blogger :)

  14. Oh my goodness. what the heck is with some people?! How did you know about someone using your daughters pics from the hospital? The really sad thing about that is that people may be giving money to that made up child. Ugh. I guess I need to start watermarking all my pics.

  15. when i saw you guys tweeting/facebooking about this i got so mad for you! seriously some people are just so effing crazy and creepy. gah. don’t mess with the kids! ever.

  16. Morgan, you and your children are gorgeous, so I can see why a wacko would use your pics instead of someone else’s, but it is still NO EXCUSE! Yikes. Absolutely crazy. So sorry you are having to deal with this! The internet can be so great and yet so scary.

  17. It is so frustrating and creepy to know pics of your kids are on someone’s computer for them to use. I had photos of my kids stolen off my Myspace page (ha, myspace, so 2004) and an imposter profile set up. And let me say, it was NOT a nice one at all. I got it taken down but now that person, and I’m pretty sure of who it is, has those pics of my kids on their computer. That scares me and I really REALLY wish I could find this person and smash their computer over their head. Now I keep my photos set on private for only certain people to post.
    I hope the creepy folks quit using your photos and get a freakin’ life of their own already!!!

  18. WOW! Creepy indeed!! I guess you could pretend that you’re a famous celebrity and the paparazzi scouted you out…but still creepy, waaay creepy.

  19. Wow! As a mother, you have EVERY right to be angry. It’s a sad thing that an outlet that allows people to share creativity was so misused.

  20. What the actual hell?

    People are WACKY. Not ok dude. Not the babies. Nu uh.

    *fists of rage*

    Ps please let me into your panic room.

  21. now I feel awkward about all those pictures I had printed out and was busy gluing my head to. Dang, cropping, I didn’t even think of that. Is it so wrong to wish for a badonk? T__T

    People can be so creepy. When I was pregnant with Olivia I used to go on a message board and this one lady stole pictures and stuff and made up this story about how her hubby got her pregnant on leave and then died in Afganistan and she was pregnant with twins. Only problem is someone found pictures of the actual lady… and the actual twins … who were four or so when the pictures were being stolen. Creepo. She was stealing literally their whole life’s worth of photos, off the lady’s facebook account. And that’s why one should always know everyone on their facebook! And I watermark my blog stuff. Just in case someone too lazy to have their own life is also maybe too lazy to crop when they’re shopping for someone else’s.

    PS I’m having a boy now. lol. Insert all my fears that were put to rest when Olivia showed up as a girl here.

  22. OH, come on… you totally know better than that. YOU know that anything you post online is a free for all. If you think your kids are precious, then you would not parade them on your blog or facebook for anyone to take. If you cannot control your own behaviour then why do you expect others to do so. End of story.

  23. Kara: Um, wrong. I absolutely DO consider my children to be precious and love them more than anything in the universe. Most of the photos were stolen off my personal Facebook account, so unless you practice what you preach and don’t have your own FB with personal photos (which I highly doubt, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), you really shouldn’t be so quick to scold me. People are weirdos… that was my point. I have every right to be feeling the way I do. Can you really argue with the actual point I was making or are you disagreeing just to have something to disagree about? I mean, honestly.

  24. How DARE someone question your motives for posting pictures of your kids! I find it really bizerk that apparently I’m asking people to impersonate my life, like they’ve birthed my kids and are raising them instead of me because I post pictures of their adorableness. Hmm, thanks for being so informative Kara, you’re a true gem! Maybe you should get some sleep at 1am instead of posting nasty things on my sweet friend’s blog. K, pumpkin?

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