Day 7 of Reboot Juice Cleanse – An update, what I’ve learned so far & a few helpful tips

So, it’s day 7 of the Reboot juice cleanse. I wanted to give you guys an update at the halfway point to let you know how things are going and also to keep myself in check. It’s been one of the most challenging weeks of my life, without a doubt. You think, “Oh, juice tastes good, I can handle that for a few weeks!” and then by noon on the first day, you would give your left boob to eat the bark off a tree. Gosh, I don’t even know where to start explaining everything that has happened and all I’ve learned so far. Forgive the disorganization of this post!

Day 1 through 3, I wanted to punch the face of all things. I would love to tell you how amazing you’ll feel the entire time and how you’ll be a little Energizer Bunny, ready to conquer the world. But those, my friend? Those would be lies from the pit of hell. Something I wasn’t aware of before I started this fast was how intense your crashes are and how quickly they happen when you’re drinking so much juice. You know the feeling of a sugar crash? Exhaustion, moodiness, hopelessness, hunger for something that will stick to your bones? Well, it’s basically that, except NO FOOD FOR YOU. And YAY, you get to drink more juice and experience it all over again! -_- I would say the crash happens about an hour and a half after you finish drinking, so yeah. It’s a pretty vicious cycle, those first few days.

Struggles I experienced:

  • Watching TV was painful. The Food Network is just pure torture. Characters on your favorite shows eat meals together every 2 minutes. BEGGIN STRIPS COMMERCIALS. I kid you not, I was so desperate to chew on something solid, those Beggin Strips were looking mighty tasty. SICK.
  • I’ve never been a big breakfast person, so this is totally weird to me, but I would wake up each morning and be like, CINNAMON ROLLS. The next day: FRENCH TOAST. The next day: BANANA NUTELLA SOMETHING. It was a huge disappointment when I realized I couldn’t eat what I was craving. It would seriously put me in the most cranky mood.
  • I realized how much focus I put on meal time and how excited I get about the act of eating a meal. I was made aware of the bad habits I have surrounding food and eating. For example, I eat some sort of snack every night while watching TV. BAD MORGAN. While reading blogs, I usually have something crunchy to snack on. While I watch the kids play outside, I have something sweet to snack on. While taking a shower, I have… kidding. But really, are we seeing a trend? I am a serial snacker.
  • Food plays tricks on your brain. There is so much psychological mumbo jumbo tied to it and when you can break yourself free of the hold it has on you, you’ll be much happier and healthier. I’m still working on that.
  • Cleaning the juicer several times a day is just a pain in the butt.

It’s not ALL bad though, I promise!

That angry, grumpy, cranky feeling goes away after a few days. I know all those yucky feelings meant my body was going through a major detox. Plus, psychological issues are surfacing. At least, they did for me. I just kept visualizing everything nasty and gross being kicked out by all the nutrients I was shoving into my body. By Day 4, I was feeling great and had the mental and physical energy to do a legit workout. The next day, I did it again. My old happy, ALIVE self was coming back. I was feeling pretty proud and was eager to keep at it for the next week.

Pros I experienced:

  • 7 pounds down on the scale (in a week)
  • Normally bloated belly is flattening
  • High energy levels after those initial detox days passed
  • Much brighter and clearer skin
  • Slept like a baby every single night and wasn’t groggy in the morning, as I normally am.
  • Sense of pride and motivation to see this thing through to the end!

Tricks of the trade (from myself and other juicing veterans):

  • The first day (as I said before), you will want to chew on something. You’re so used to the physical act of eating and it’s a tough habit to break. If you can’t stand it anymore, take a bite of an apple, carrot or other raw fruit or vegetable. Take that ONE bite and refocus. Remember why you’re doing this cleanse and stay strong!
  • Prepare your fruits and vegetables the night before for your morning juice. Chop the ends off of carrots, cut up your apples, rinse off your kale. Make it easier on yourself so you don’t chop off a finger in a fit of hungry morning rage.
  • The ideal combination of juice is 80% veggie and 20% fruit. If you have a sweeter palate, it won’t hurt you to go 60% veggie and 40% fruit.
  • Drink A TON OF JUICE. This is not a starvation cleanse. You don’t need to count calories. You need raw juice and you need enough to fill you up! Take a sealed container to work that you can sip on all day. If you work in an office, it will be easier to ward off temptation if you have your juice nearby.
  • Get a good reusable, sturdy cup with a lid and a straw. Take that baby in the car with you, to the grocery store, to the restaurant where your family plans to eat in front of you, WHEREVER. That cup is your new best friend and you will get very close.
  • Don’t forget your water! Drink up!

If anyone is interested, here are some helpful fruit and vegetable juice recipes.

Questions, comments? Ask away! I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly!

27 thoughts on “Day 7 of Reboot Juice Cleanse – An update, what I’ve learned so far & a few helpful tips

  1. Morgan, thanks for the wonderful tips and the true struggles I will be dealing with. Today is Day 1 and so far so good. Wish me luck:)

  2. So, I must confess that I have been eating horribly for the past month of so (I blame the reintroduction of Cadbury eggs to the market for the beginning of the end of my good habits!) and decided (on Friday) that TODAY (the day after Easter) would be the beginning of a healthier me. I also made the hubs watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with me last night! So, I’m waiting for my sister to unearth the juicer (same one you have actually!) that she borrowed from my mom so I can borrow it, and I’m buying a TON of produce today. I’m not planning to do the reboot, but we’re planning to add a juicing a day to our routine and eat much more healthfully, including making sure most of our nutrition is coming from plants (either raw, or only lightly cooked) and we’ll be eating minimal (not NONE, but minimal) animal products and eating more complex carbs vs. simple. Oh yeah, and I’m going to (gulp) workout. Yeah.

    I’m proud of you for sticking with it all seven days, that’s awesome! Will you have to ease back into eating now?

  3. Natali: That’s so awesome! I’ll be working out right along with you. Literally. :) And I actually have another 8 days to go, WAH! It IS a lot easier the second week though, I’ve noticed! Let me know if you find any good juice recipes!

  4. So good to know the blah’s go away after a few days. I was feeling awful and lacked so much energy that I thought the energy they talk about in the doc was BS. I’m trying to get in the right frame of mind to do it all the way through. If Phil can do it, I can do it (repeat).

  5. You are getting dangerously close to convincing me to do this! I’ve been feeling pretty icky lately and feel like my hips have been expanding. But the fact that I get bored by exercise and would kill a man for cheese fries creates an endless loop in my head of wanting to be healthy and wanting to stuff my pie hole. I’m thinking that if I can do a juice cleanse maybe it will boost my energy and make me motivated enough to stick to healthy routines. Thanks for posting your experience and being honest about the bad parts! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of the cleanse! :)

  6. woo hoo! keep going! i wanted to know: how long do you think the juice lasts? & about how many ounces does the average recipe yield?

    you’re awesome, by the way!

  7. So awesome!!! I can’t believe you’ve stayed so strong. Not because I didn’t think you were strong enough, but because I lasted until dinner on the 3rd day and was like I’M OVER THIS *ISH!! But afterwards I realized I wasn’t drinking NEARLY enough juice and was sending my husband to work (ALL DAY) with one juice. ONE. Bad wife. Anyway… I am doing a hybrid version right now. Juicing and eating raw fruits and veggies. Hoping to add protein shakes in after 5-7 days, but we’ll see.

    Thanks for all these tips!!

  8. Have you seen the modern family where Cam and Mitchell go on a juice fast? Watch it somewhere and be delighted. You’re welcome. :)

  9. Thank you so much for all your tips! I’ve been telling myself that after the painful process of moving was over, I would do this reboot juice cleanse (I own a juicer already) but I’ve been putting it off. I need to start–now! I’m so glad its working out for you :).

  10. You have me so ready to try this juice cleanse! I’ve actually been wanting a juicer for a long time now. Did you mention anywhere which one you’re using? Sorry if I missed it! I’m looking for recommendations :)

  11. Hi–are you using all organic stuff or regular fruit/veg? Just wondering what the total cost of 2 weeks juicing is for you (roughly)?


  12. Jen: I am on a tight budget right now, so I haven’t been buying organic. Bad, I know, but what can you do? I would say I spent around $100 for the two weeks.

  13. My mom has been doing this since the beginning of January and has lost almost 40lbs! It’s crazy! She looks SO GOOD tho- her skin is clearer, she has more energy…it sounds stupid but she just looks more ALIVE! She’s been walking and going on 8-10 mile hikes every weekend, it’s crazy and I’m SO DANG proud of her! She has cheat days where she’ll eat Chipotle but 95% of the time she’s eating whole fruits and vegetables and juicing. Other than they she eats clean whole foods, no more garbage. This is a woman who would eat half a pie in a sitting while watching tv so I am one proud daughter.
    One proud…feeling so guilty about being sad we never eat out anymore, daughter.

  14. I’ve always wanted to do a juice cleanse and was wondering what juicer you use and how much it ran you?

  15. This is so great! Wondering how much juice you consume a day. How often do you make a glass, how big, and how often?

  16. Ashley: I make 3 or 4 different juices a day and each batch is about 16 oz. 64oz sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty easy to do!

  17. Juice cleanses are the cure for depression.

    By the time it ends, just being able to put a piece of food in your mouth triggers pure joy.

  18. Hey! I would like to know… do you use only organic fruit and vegetables for juicing? :)

    (sorry, my english is awful! I’m a spanish reader, BTW. Love your blog!)

  19. G.: Thank you for reading! And no, I haven’t used only organic. Obviously, it’s the better choice though!

  20. Hi Morgan,
    I was just wondering what type of juicer you are using and why :) (John from has amazing youtube videos on how to pick one) Also have you seen hungry for change? ( I think you’d love it!
    Your weight loss is very inspiring!! I really appreciate you shared REAL numbers!
    Steph :)

  21. My partner and I are at the end of day three…and your blog is very inspiring! The first three days we’ve been fatigued and achey…but it’s been so great having the support and doing the cleanse together. We’ve each lost 8 lbs so far…and can already see little other subtle changes (skin clearer, etc) so we’ll keep it up as long as we can. Thanks again!

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