– Fun, frilly and affordable accessories for girls!

One of the best things about having a little girl is getting to play dress up. Maddie has been in this ultra-girly-tutu-princess-fairy phase for the past few months and I just love it. Every morning before I can even make it out of my room, she’s already put on some sort of fluffy, frilly thing, complete with at least 3 random accessories that don’t match whatsoever. One day, the Cinderella dress was accompanied by a scarf, sparkly red Toms and a pink beanie. It’s a surprise each time.

I was beyond excited when sent a rather generous package of goodies for Maddie and I. Moms, LISTEN. If you have a little girl, this is your one stop shop for all the essentials. They offer the most adorable flower hair clips, headbands, tutus, fairy wings, hats, leg warmers… seriously, you name it, they have it. Everything is incredibly affordable and just plain cute!

Maddie has been wearing this purple Petti Skirt and refuses to take it off. She absolutely loves it and spins and twirls nonstop.

Isn’t it adorable?? And the flower hair clip just kills me.

Another one of our favorites is this super fun Korker bow. So colorful! And for $1.99, you seriously can’t beat it.

I can now tell you from experience, that the wonderful things I’ve heard about their customer service is true. They are amazing, helpful and respond so quickly.

Now that I’ve full on gushed, I have a sweet deal for my sweet readers! For a 10% discount on your purchase, enter the coupon code “ohmorgosh”. This is valid through 5/15/12 and each customer can use it TWICE. Not too shabby! Now go get your little princess something fancy!

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10 thoughts on “ – Fun, frilly and affordable accessories for girls!

  1. I LOVE The Hairbow Co!!
    That korker bow is on my list to get for Moriah, I love the bright colors in it! Maddie looks SO adorable with her hair up like that! I’m pretty sure it makes her look like 2 yrs older tho so let’s not do that anymore k?

  2. My Dolly is too old (“you know I am nearly 11 Mooooommm”) for these delicious skirts and accessories… here’s hoping the new offspring :D will be a girl and I can dress her up in all that cuteness!

  3. Hey there,

    How do the sparkly Toms hold up? I’m scared to commit since I’ve got a very active little princess who is a shoe punisher…

  4. Jen: They’ve held up great! She’s had them since Christmas and they’re only starting to show the tiiiiiniest bit of wear at the very tip of the toe.

  5. Love it! everything is so cute and so inexpensive.
    It’s kinda like going to the dollar store.. you can’t not buy it.. it’s such a deal!

  6. alrighty! ive got a question. i suppose I could just e mail toms or whatever. but since your my bff in internet world and i feel i know you well enough to e mail you a link to fabric that would totally match maddies bedroom (creepy???) ill ask you. do the toms stay on maddies feet? haha. or was it just a photo prop bc they are the cutest darn shoes ever? my daughter Myla has the same ones in gold. she wears an 11.5 but the toms are an 11 and she walks right out of them! shes had them since december and im afraid she will never get to wear them. and they are the tiny toms. sizing advice? and i totally love the hairbow company.

  7. Tiffany: hahaha! <3 We had the same problem with the Toms back when she first started wearing them, but they fit MUCH better now! They are so dang cute though, I made her wear them even though they slipped. Bad mom! :)

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