Getting hurr did tomorrow. HALP


As usual, when I’m about to get my hair done, I seek the opinions of my internet girls who don’t actually ever get to see my hair in person. Makes perfect sense to me! I don’t see the problem.

I do value all your stylish little thoughts and would love to hear what you think would look best on me. Except don’t say bald. I will ignore and then kill you.

The current scraggly state of my grown-out ombré craziness:

YEESH. It’s basically been forever since I’ve had my hair cut or colored, hence the ragged state. (Also, hi. I rode a see-saw with my entire family on Mother’s Day.)

Here are my requirements for the next ‘do:

1) I keep it somewhat long because it’s taken FOREVER to grow and I’m finally happy with the length.

2) I stay in the brown family, but as far as high/low lights go, I’m down for anything.

3) To bang or not to bang? That is the question.

Here are a few ideas I’ve been throwing around:

Give me all her makeup too, kthx.

Probably not getting bangs that short though.

So to be clear, we’re choosing between a bunch of long brown hairstyles that all look the same. Unless you can blow my mind with something entirely different. As long as it wouldn’t make me look like Bon Qui Qui, I’ll probably be up for it since I take advice from the internet on everything in life.

Let’s do this!

26 thoughts on “Getting hurr did tomorrow. HALP

  1. I recently cut all mine off-like 8 inches. It was a huge relief. I’ve got moosey brown hair so I had subtle red/copper highlights added that will not show roots when it grows out. My advice to a mom of 2 kiddos like myself: Low maintanence and sassy…and a fantastic hair stylist :) Good luck!

  2. I like the first and the third pics, but what I initially thought was how about something like Kendi of Kendi Everyday. I’m sure you’ve heard of her and her blog. I think that’d be real cute on you.

  3. Ok so I love Rachel Bilson’s color and think that is what I would pick. But I also love the short bangs! You could do it!

  4. The first photo is lovely and the colour would be very flattering for you (also the makeup!)

  5. Natalie: I WAS TRYING TO FIND THAT ONE! I pinned that once, I think. I love.

    Thank you guys!! I think we’re all pretty much on the same page with the Bilson color.

  6. My vote is for the first photo. And I love how your daughter is pulling on her baby brother’s ear in the Mother’s Day photo. Your kids are hilarious!

  7. I love the color of Rachel’s hair, her highlights blend perfectly and brighten up her face. I wish I didn’t have naturally red hair, cause then I’d have the guts to dye it and I’d so go brunette. i love it. Also, I think side-swept bangs would be super cute on you.

  8. I think any of them would look great, I think you should do bangs, mine grow SUPER fast so if you hate them they will grow back out.

    BUT im most curious about how your weightloss journey is going, you look GREAT and I was just going through your “me getting skinny” archives and there hasnt been a update since you did your juice cleanse.

  9. layers, that way you get to keep the length and it is also fun to play with (just had mine done two months ago) I have long hair too. (also brown) the layers are great cos you can curl them with a curling brush and blow dry and get some body that way, or you can just wash and go and if you have super straight hair like me, it works too! here is a pic of my before and after:

  10. forgot to add that i didn’t have bangs cut, but if you get layers done in front, and wear your hair in a side parting, it pretty much looks like it! Hope you have fun!

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