Cheese incoming…

Why, yes. I did actually pose ridiculously in my parents front yard in a new dress just to show you my new hair. ‘Tis how I roll.

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I ended up going for the Bilson color and I’m growing out my layers and bangs to make it all one length. I’m so glad it’s dark again. It feels more like me.

24 thoughts on “Cheese incoming…

  1. I love your hair dark and long… the bangs hid your fore head but without them, your face looks skinnier. <3

    I'm still growing my hair out and I'm planning on getting rid of my layers because they interfere with fun hair styles. :)

  2. Becca: Haha, thank you! And right? They do interfere! And my hair is so fine, I don’t want any unnecessary scraggles at the ends.

    EmilyC: Thank you, dahling!

  3. hehe! Love the cheese! Work it, girrrrrl! You look gorgeous, you little supermodel! Love the new ‘do. You are rocking that color! Also, I adore that dress — where did you find it?

  4. sarah: thank you, my love! Did you shield your eyes from my pasty whiteness? :) Amd I found the dress at Forever this weekend… they have a lot of good stuff in right now!

  5. Love it! I’m so jealous of your hair length. Mine was that length and then I had like 6 inches cut off in a fit of rage last summer and it’s taking forever to grow out. Cute dress too!

  6. Love the hair! I was thinking of going with bangs again but considering the last time I did, and the tragedy they ended up to be, you have reminded me of why I shouldn’t go with bangs. Wow, run on sentence much Elisabeth? Sorry. Anyhoo, the cut and color look terrific!

  7. Excellent choice, it looks great on you! I love me some Bilson. Even though the only thing she’s doing right now, apparently, is making ice cream bar commercials… she’ll always be Summer to me.

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