Maddie-isms – Volume 2

This girl. I don’t even know where to start.  When I look at her, I see no trace of my baby Maddie left. I’m fighting my emo urges like whoa right now because I REALLY want to be sad and write poems about it.

She was a baby for such a short time! I miss her little bald alien head! I miss her little chunky legs! I don’t miss her mullet! Thank God that’s gone! That was really really bad!

But you know what? She’s just way too much fun right now for me to dwell on the sad stuff. I am in love with this little woman, as crazy as she is (and as crazy as she makes me). She’s not a baby anymore, but she’s my sweet little buddy now.

The things she says seem to make our family laugh, so I like to share them with you all every once in a while. Here are a few of my recent favorites.


I’ve been trying to teach her what it means to have good manners. I’ll point things out to her when she’s being rude. I encourage her to talk to other kids and be friendly. So when we’re out shopping, she tries to strike up conversations with other kids she sees. She’s constantly being ignored (rawr Mama bear smash), but I don’t interfere. I tell her to just keep being kind and she’ll find other nice friends. And she does, usually.

At the grocery store last week:

Maddie: Hi girl!

Girl: Blank stare, no response.

Maddie: HI GIRL!! :D

Girl: Turns away without a word.

Maddie: *in earshot of the girl and her mother* Mom, that kid is RUDE.


That same day at the same store, I was telling her to calm it down with the running and twirling in the aisles.

Me: We have to watch out for people. You might be standing in their way while they’re trying to get through.

Maddie: I love you too, Mom.


While dropping Justin off at work one day, she was being chatty, per ushe. Justin had closed the door while she was still going. He was walking away from the car and she just kept talking to him. All of a sudden she stops and says, “UGH, I’m sick of this. I’m sick of him not hearing me.”


While stopped at a red light in the car, Maddie was getting upset because her shoes weren’t strapped on perfectly. She does this a lot (a tad OCD). Justin started telling her to calm down and that he was going to take her shoes off and not give them back if she didn’t stop yelling.

There were 10 seconds of silence and then we were graced with a song:

I love Mommy!

I love red lights!

I love flowers!

But noooooot Daddy.

Let’s take him to work!


After making me laugh:

“I’m cracking you up right now! HAHA! And you’re cracking me up!”

Now she’s starting to get her cracks and craps confused…

“You’re crapping me up!”

“You just made me crap up!”

“You just made me crap!”

Must’ve been a really good joke if I made her crap that much.


When Jack sneezed:

“AH! He bless you’d on me!”


Nicknames for Jack:

Jack Boy

Brother Boy





But I’m trying to teach her to have good manners, remember? So she makes sure to whisper these so he can’t hear and doesn’t get hurt feelings.


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20 thoughts on “Maddie-isms – Volume 2

  1. Ah, this is hilarious! Please post more of these :)

    I “crapped” up over the shoe story. There is a video somewhere of me crying hysterically and my dad threatening to take away my shoes. I feel her pain ;)

  2. oh man, I crap up at these maddie-isms. The song about taking Daddy to work- my favorite. Too freakin cute.

  3. hahahhahah!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER, oh my gosh :D Seriously crapping up over here. (Isaiah also used to say “crapping me up!” ha!)
    That shoe story was too much, they were all so good tho, lol! Makes me anticipate the funnies that will come out of Moriah’s mouth one day :D
    And good golly with the mullet. I think I’ve got to cut my little lady’s soon. It’s too much. (but at the same time, that’s the hair she was born with! wahhhh!!)

  4. Those are hilarious! I love the things little ones come up with.
    My hubby likes to jump out from dark corners/stick his hand around the shower curtain/scare the bejeezus out of me alot and I always yell “You just scared the crap out of me!” When Sophia was about 2 or 3 she got scared and shouted “You scared my crap out!”

  5. lauryn: Must be a girl thing… I would probably beat someone over the head if they threatened to take my shoes!

    Jimaie: I can’t wait to see what Moriah comes up with! You are absolutely HILARIOUS so I’m sure she’ll just be a little mini-me. I WANT TO SEE HER!! Come over soon!

  6. OMG I had a really bad day and it was just made better by reading this hilarious post. thank you for always putting a smile on my face!

  7. I am crapping up over here! That girl is so clever, she’s just going to get better and better. I’ll bet she’s going to be the kind of woman that can hold her own no matter what. She is nothing short of awesome; I’m honestly crying from laughing so hard.

  8. Also: what do you do when she says this stuff? Do you lose it? I would not be able to hold my composure at all! I hope my kids are funny, but if they’re this hysterical I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it!

  9. sooooo funny and cool!! it is so cool you write these down, because they will be forgotten! I wish I had/do it more often! Brilliant!! Love the “I’m sick of him not hearing me” one!!

  10. Your daughter cracks me up! I have two boys so I’m totally not used to the sassy girl attitude but I kinda feel like I’m missing out! I would not be able to discipline her without cracking up everytime! Ha or crapping apparently :)

  11. Can Maddie come live with me in Mississippi? She is exactly what I need in my life right now. Step aside Marle. It’s my turn to be a Grammy.

  12. She is so cute! I regularly follow your blog and find it inspiring, so I’m passing along the Sunshine Award to you today for all of your creativity, inspiration and for making me laugh! Come on over to to check it all out~

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