Rage Crafting

This morning was the first time in many, many moons that I had the crafty bug. I don’t know what happened to me in the past several months, but g’lawd, being creative just wasn’t happening. Actually, no. I do know what happened. Pinterest happened. I blame Pinterest for all my crafty sadnesses. Everyone can do everything nowadays and there just aren’t many original ideas left. It kind of bums me out, to be honest. It’s like, really? What’s the point of doing tutorials when 800 other bloggers are doing the same thing, but better, and with prettier hair and red lipstick while posing next to a brick wall with graffiti on it? Womp womp, single tear, playing world’s saddest song on world’s smallest violin.

I’m over the expectations Pinterest puts on us, though, I really am. I want to punch them all in the throat. Not the people doing the awesome things, necessarily, just the awesome things. And the awesome photos of the awesome things. And the awesome lighting and awesome angles in the awesome photos of the awesome things. On that note, how is everyone such a great photographer all of a sudden?? Was there a class I missed? And how does everyone have perfect sparkle nails?? I want perfect sparkle nails. And confession: I can’t actually do a fishtail braid. I practice a lot, too. This is upsetting to me. I also can’t sew myself a dress in 10 minutes or sew at all. I cry when I try. This post is getting out of hand.

(Back to my point…)

But you know what? Pinterest can suck a monkey’s nut. Sorry I just said that, Grandma, but it can. I just made 8,000 more useless felt flowers, hair bows my kid doesn’t need, and ANOTHER yarn wreath 3 years after it was the cool thing to do. Because I can. It doesn’t have to be new or super orig… I just have to stop pouting and keep on making stuff. I have a glue gun and an order to squeeze the trigger at will.

That just sounded like a speech. Was that a speech? Can you tell I’m PMS’ing a little? Send the Midol and some Meg Ryan movies.

28 thoughts on “Rage Crafting

  1. Please take a moment from your adorable crafts and shed a tear (pms induced or not) for my lack of glue gun and any creativity. #FUREVACRAFTLESS

  2. LMAO!! Sorry Morgan, I am laughing at you and this blog!! (you crack my shi* up!) I completely agree and it does sicken me that everyone and their mom is a better crafter than me. I am thinking maybe I should stick to making floss friendship bracelets that I rocked making in the 6th grade….bleh.

  3. Yeah, but I don’t READ those other blogs with the perfect girls we all want to punch in the face. I read yours! And it’s not because you’re the most amazing crafter in the world (even though you’re pretty awesome), its because you’re hilarious to read and I feel like we could totes be buddies IRL.

    But Pinterest makes me feel incredibly inadequate, and I’m not even a craft blogger. So I can understand a little.

  4. Mmmk. First of all your tutorials are my all time favorite, I miss them. I don’t care who else is making yarn wreaths, they will always be awesome and I always LOVE the colors and patterns you choose. Second of all, as long as the creepy winking tea cup is somewhere lurking in your tutorial photos I’ll be happy.

  5. You are too funny. I totally get what you are saying, though!! That’s why I never post tutorials on my blog anymore! How is anyone going to find mine in the midst of 800 others?! I tell you what, though. Your tutorials rock. And I will keep coming back to look through them :-)

    P.S. I cry over the Pinterest makeup tutorials. I never end up looking like the model does. One day I WILL learn a black smokey eye.

  6. I totally agree. Pinterest is giving me birthday party anxiety currently. Do you see all those party pictures on there?!!? Never ever will I have the time, energy or patience do a party like the ones I see all over the place lately!

  7. This is SO TRUE. Sometimes I make cool stuff but I barely know how to operate my camera so everything looks crappy, cheap and overexposed.

  8. I HEAR YOU. Not only is it frustrating that original craftiness is now “in”, thus stripping it of it’s charm- but it’s like there is a ridiculous emphasis on perfection when it’s supposed to just be fun. Also- the photography thing- whatevs. It’s usually editing. In my opinion (as a photographer), it’s an insult when people praise photography that is obviously over tweaked. Edit pics cause it’s fun, not cause you have to. take pictures the way you know how to take them. there’s more credibility in honesty. Do your thing- you rock.

  9. shut up. you are so freaking funny i could die.

    whats pinterest? never heard of it. let me just goggle it…and…here..we…go..


    oh good lord.

  10. I’m in a love-hate relationship w/ Pinterest. I completely agree w/ you about all the beautiful crafty crap on the P. It kinda brings me down as a blogger. But I’m going to keep on keepin’ on…even if my stuff isn’t as glamorous.

  11. listen morgan.

    i read your blog because you are like the funniest person on the planet.

    who cares about pinterest and sparkle nails? not me.

    just be yourself. that’s who we love.

  12. haha, I feel your pain. In big redlipstickedsparklenailed-why can’t i just stick washitapealloverthewallandcallitcrafting- ways. Rage on. I’m gonna go glue some construction paper to something. ;)

  13. This is why I read your blog. Don’t let Pinterest get you down. Besides, half the pins you see these days are spam. It’s getting kinda ridonkulous. Plus, if not for you I would have never yarn wrapped a wreath. Now I’m a yarn-wrapping fool (even if it was SO 3 years ago). Stay strong!

  14. Morgan, you are da bomb! Thanks for never failing to crack me up!

    FYI, I’m on hiatus from Pinterest because it’s bad for my health. How can I possibly stick to my diet while drooling over all the delish-looking/sounding food? Never mind that I’d probably never attempt most of the recipes (seriously, aren’t we all just window shopping on Pinterest??) but it was just making me too hungry, darn it!

  15. Wait!!!! Yarn wreaths aren’t supposed to be cool anymore? So my husband was right when he was bitching about yet another holiday yarn wreath? Dammit.

    You rock. Your tutorials rock. I tried to braid my daughter’s hair and her dad laughed. As if he has any right, the guy who doesn’t even towel dry her hair after a bath let alone run a comb through it. My nails are ripped and uneven and I can’t even paint both hands so perfect sparkles are totally out of the question. So, you just keep on doing what you do and Pinterest can suck it. I only use it for meals anyway, so much better than a recipe book.

  16. ZOMG! I found your blog many moons ago while looking for a yarn wreath tutorial… On Google, not Pinterest. I hate Pinterest too.

  17. Let me just tell you that you are the craftiest person I know on this interweb thingie. That was supposed to be a compliment, ya know.

  18. Oh, sweetheart, you just crack me up! I remember when I was just a little older than you, and I used to go to a quilt guild here in Massachusetts. There was always a show and tell during the meeting, and I’d feel so inadequate when I looked at my own efforts. In the end, I took inspiration from the realization that I had years to become as skilled as the other quilters — and wouldn’t that be a wonderful walk through life?

    What I’ve come to learn is that you do learn skills, but you never learn your creativity and your voice. Yours are exceptional, Morgan.

    Many of the folks who got the oohs and ahhs were project quilters — they’d follow set patterns and quickly pump out quilt after quilt. Then there are those of us who are process people — we enjoy creating our own expressions, even if we may have to think through the artistic work for years at a time!

    And, by the way, though I’m no longer that interested in quilting, I believe that need for expression led me back to my journalism career at a time when I needed it. I still express myself through other sewing — and I enjoy every minute of it. Whether it’s a garment for my niece, a curtain for my home or a slipcover for a client, I like making things!

    Don’t worry about what others are doing, dear sweet funny Morgan. The perfect photographer may be a disaster in the kitchen. She with the fabulous nails may be a stranger to basic grammar and geography. And the woman with the fabulous home decor may not be the fun mom her children wish she were. Admire and take inspiration from the works of others, but value your voice and your artistry.
    Love, and a big ole wave from Cape Cod,

  19. This kind of cracks me up coming from you because I think of you as beautiful and put together and crafty and funny and perfect. Apparently my made up mind version of you is a little hard for anyone to live up to?

    But yes, Pinterest and the hairstyles. Seriously! French braided crowns and amazingness wherever I go. My hair is a trainwreck compared to that. But I can sew. That’s what I tell myself. :)

  20. My saying, completely. When I read your post I felt I found a common cause with you and probably with soooo many crafters out there who ever thought: What´s the point with making something with all those awesome artists and original things out there that are already made? And the photos with awesome light and awesome models….?? Grrr!
    You made me laugh, by the way :) Thanks!!

  21. I hear you and totally agree! I seriously had to quote you and put you on my tumblr. “how is everyone such a great photographer all of a sudden?? Was there a class I missed?” You are amazing and I love your blog!

  22. Well, I’ll tell you this. I love pinterest, but I love your tutorials more. I am constantly amazed with the cool things you come up with. It doesn’t have to be an original idea, just something that you’ve made awesome and easy. Please keep the tutorials coming. I look forward to visiting your page and seeing what you’ve come up with!

  23. Hun why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out ? Who cares what EVERYONE else is doing or crafting, just focus on your gifts and what you can do and craft. God made you unique and gave you a set of gifts and talents all your own that noone else in the whole wide universe does not have and therefore this makes you very special and very unique and do not let your feelings tell you otherwise.
    You are very wanted, very much needed and very appreciated!

    Even by me , your newest blog follower :o)

    Pinterest is meant to inspire you to be creative, not to depress you or to enrage you. Instead, look at those ideas and see how you can make them better or how to just make them yours :o) Just a thought

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