Maddie’s bedtime prayer

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day. Please keep us safe and let me have good dreams and not be scared. And please make Mommy be nice and quiet. And please give me cereal. And keep us safe when we take Daddy to work (but I don’t really want to go). 


…Mom, I can have cereal tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Maddie’s bedtime prayer

  1. My nieces bedtime prayer was,
    “thank you for Mommy and Daddy , Nanna and Papa . And that aunti Rachel and Rheanna would come play with me, and I pray that Mommy and Daddy won’t eat another” whaaa ? Haha

  2. LOL!!! This is hilarious, I freaking LOVE that she prayed that you would be nice and quiet hahahaha!! Oh Maddie, you funny!!
    Moriah has that shirt too btw, her and Maddie can be twinsies if I EVER make it to your house again in life ;)

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