Why my house currently smells of burnt soap with a hint of Satan’s ballsack

You guys have seen the whole soap cloud thing that’s been going around, right? It’s basically where you throw a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave and it explodes into fluffy amazing cloudlike wonderfulness. It will supposedly cause spontaneous outbursts of praise and adoration from children to their cool moms.

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If the simple instructions are followed, awesome things will happen, as you see above. If the simple instructions are blatantly ignored and you decide to microwave a 7 year old bar of Dial you found in the box of crap under the bathroom sink, this will happen:

Songs of praises were not sung. Screams of horror, yes.

And in case you were wondering, I didn’t stage that brown substance oozing out of it like diarrhea for laughter’s sake. That was ALL science, baby.

35 thoughts on “Why my house currently smells of burnt soap with a hint of Satan’s ballsack

  1. haha, oh Morgan! I SO feel your pain! The first time we tried this science experiment Josh (of course it’s his fault!) decided we needed to also try a different kind of soap…a comparison lesson. ;) Oh my, ours oozed, not brown stuff, but it oozed. And oozed. And then OH THE SMELL! It was disgusting. And it stays in your home for a while.

    I’m sorry that you have smelled the same smell. :/

  2. Don’t worry, we’ve all had “incidents” with the microwave. I’m sure if you keep the windows propped open and try not to hover in the kitchen it will be semi-bearable! I once read the instructions wrong on microwavable corn bread and ended up with a solid block of black and yellow. That smell took a while to fade as well. But it does go away! Hang in there ; )

  3. LMAO! I’m in the car with my husband and I’m having to explain this whole post through tears of laughter!

  4. Ahahaha! I’ve seen that on Pinterest, but we don’t have Ivory soap here in Norway, so I’ve been wondering if I could try with a different kind, but I guess that answers my question…

  5. @Hanna Ivory works because it’s whipped just before it sets up. This causes it to have teeny air pockets the microwave causes to expand just as the soap starts to soften.

    The Dial bar probably did what it did because, like most commercial soaps, it’s largely detergents and fillers plus the antibacterial agents, which likely caused a big part of the smell. Soap can burn easily and does smell awful, though it’s not as strong of a smell as Morgan described. A bar of true soap with all its glycerin intact or a pure glycerin soap would have just melted, and quickly!

  6. Tears are streaming down my face as I laugh hysterically at this post. Thank god I am at work in my room all by my lonesome because I kind of look like a crazy lady cackling away. I have got to share this with all my peeps because they too will think you’re a hoot! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this experience with us so that we may all join in your adventure ;)
    PS I totally think this needs to go on a PINTEREST Fail page! It’s too awesome to be kept a secret!

  7. Ha, ha, that sounds like something that would happen to me! DOn’t you hate it when Pinterest projects don’t quite turn out like they’re supposed to? I just came across your blog recently, and I’ve really been enjoying reading it!

  8. Oh my gosh! Satan’s Ballsack :) So sorry that has happened. Baking soda and water will help with the microwave smell, and if you light a Vanilla Candle for a little while in your rooms that smell the worst, that will take the smell out of the air. I learned this while teaching 3 kids how to cook. After a few burned side dishes(green beans) they grew up to be be pretty good cooks!

  9. We used ivory soap and the only thing we accompished was burning out our microwave. Lesson learned!

  10. The title of this post is hysterical. I seriously could NOT stop laughing when you emailed me this picture, dying! What the CRAP is in Dial soap anyway?! SO GROSS!!
    We used Ivory and it totes worked but my microwaved smelled a little TOO clean for my liking and the freaking soap “cloud” left soap dust every time my boys molded it so I kicked them outside. Never again. lol

  11. ok, so I have been wanting to try this…even though I don’t have kids but whatever. So noted, use only the soap they use in the tutorial…unless I want a whiff of satan ballsack

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