DIY: Geometric Paper Art

Happy Halloween to all my little pumpkin heads!

Soooo, instead of putting the finishing touches on our costumes like I should have been doing all afternoon, I’ve been doing a little procrastinatory paper crafting. Makes perfect sense to wait until 4:00 on Halloween to put together a costume, doesn’t it? I’m not adding unnecessary stress to my life at all!

I’m sure you all have seen the adorable Patch NYC line of home goods at Target.

I drool. I die.

Every time I’m in Target (which is 5x a week, basically), I walk down that aisle and lovingly pet each item. I WANT IT ALL. For the time being, I just decided to bring a little bit of that geometric goodness into my home by way of DIY. This isn’t much of a tutorial, just a quick little explanation of what I did to recreate that triangle pattern and make a little piece of wall art.

Yeah, that Instagram photo is really blurry and horrible, I am aware!

I had cardstock in green, white, brown and black. I cut 2×2″ squares of each color, then cut those squares in half to make triangles. Arranging the pattern was simple because there was really no rhyme or reason to the original pattern. Using a glue stick, I adhered all the triangles to a large black piece of cardstock and voila! Simple as can be.

I hope you all have a fun and safe and ultra fattening evening! xo


5 thoughts on “DIY: Geometric Paper Art

  1. this is awesome!!! well done. I wish I would take more time to do stuff like this. I think being a bit more creative instead of lazy with my time will make me feel better!!! :) I’ve been in a serious grumpy state for a few weeks… not living up to my own potential I think ;)

  2. I’m right there with you on the geometric designs. We’re actually getting ready to redecorate our living room, and I’m working on new artwork using geometric coloring pages I enlarged and traced onto canvases. I’ve been looking for ideas to complement them, and this might be perfect.

  3. WHEW!! I’m glad it was just a glitch…………I was worried that I’d lost you Kate. Great ideas and wonderful photos as always.

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