Attack of the 3 Foot Woman

Oh, Maddie. This girl keeps me on my toes. I dread the day when she grows up and stops being so dang hilarious because right now she keeps my life pretty interesting. She rarely naps anymore though, which totally sucks monkey balls, if we’re being honest here. Not that I don’t adore her and love spending time with her funny little self, but an hour of silence every once in a while would be awesome. All the muthas gimme an amen. That doesn’t stop me from trying to get her to sleep though, each and every day.

Today, during what we now call “quiet time”, Maddie asked if she could lay in my room and rest in there. I was very hesitant because she has this funny talent of absolutely destroying a room from top to bottom in 3 minutes flat. It’s completely charming and not at all hazardous.

She’s really into dressing up right now and I find evidence of her constant wardrobe changes scattered throughout the house. She had Justin’s underwear on this morning, which… let’s not even discuss further because it was pretty horrible and made me shriek a little. So against my better judgment, I let her stay in our room and take her rest.¬†She promised not to make a mess. Okayyyyyy. So I kissed her and walked out, leaving the door cracked so I could check in on her every so often.

Twenty minutes passed and it was dead silent in the house. Could it be? Did she actually fall asleep?? I tip-toed back to our bedroom and peeked in through the crack in the door, but I couldn’t see Maddie on the bed. Uh oh. What havoc is she wreaking now? I opened it the rest of the way and found her sitting on the ground on my side of the bed, doing her best to organize my shirts. “I cleaned your room, Mom!” And you know what? SHE ACTUALLY DID. She did a better job cleaning than I ever do, in fact. The curtains were open, all the clothes that were on the floor were in the hamper, my shoes and purses were put away in the closet, and the makeup that was previously scattered all over my vanity was completely organized. (Yes, our room looks exactly like mine did as a teenager. Old habits…) Maddie even found a random throw blanket and spread it out on the edge of the bed. It was cheery and made me smile. And she actually kept her promise.

I told her how proud I was that she picked up all my messes and thanked her for her hard work. She was beaming. As I was hugging her and pondering how I could use her new talent to my advantage (kidding, but not really), I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.

Apparently, she felt the room was missing something.

I really could get used to this though.

11 thoughts on “Attack of the 3 Foot Woman

  1. Oh gosh, I wanted to say the blanket is just the best part about it, this is so cute, everything about it is just adorable! She’s too funny.

  2. That is so incredibly sweet!! When I let my 4 year old daughter “rest” in my room, she destroys my jewelry, eats my tums, and spreads lotion all over. This summer (on my birthday, no less!) she dumped a 64 oz bottle of bubble blowing solution out on my mattress.

  3. I love this, how adorable. Also, please send her to my house to train MY Maddie (on the cleaning, not the mess making, they are basically twins in that aspect).

  4. That is so funny! How cute is that for her to do? And the hello kitty thing is hilarious. When my daughter was smaller and stopped napping during the day, I used to say to her “come lie down with mommy and we will read a story together” and then I would read her a long story and she would go to sleep and then I would sneak out the room and carry on with whatever I needed to do! ha ha!!!!

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