Kid-Friendly Christmas Craft Projects

With the weather change (HALLELUJAH! RAIN!), we’ve been spending a lot of time inside and you know, going nuts. Oh, who am I kidding, we’re always going nuts. This past week, it was actually cold outside and it just put me in the mood to cozy up and get crafty. There was plenty of hot tea and maybe one particular pair of extremely comfortable and not at all attractive sweat pants involved. It was just the right thing to do.

I looked online for projects that would 1) involve my kids & keep them entertained for a minimum of 5 minutes (not asking for much here) and 2) not require me to go on a trek to the craft store and spend any extra money because it’s December and yeah. You understand.

Here are a few simple crafts I’m sure you’ve all seen a million times, but they were fun and helped add a little cheer to our home.


  • Craft paint and a brush
  • Paper
  • Chubby baby feet & hands
  • Bravery… (paint + toddlers = yeah, no.)


  • An empty milk jug (gallon)
  • Red, black and yellow felt – red for his hat, black/yellow for his belt
  • Red, tan, black and white craft paint & brush
  • Cotton ballz

This one took a little bit of time, but Maddie loved it. She glued all the cotton balls on by herself and painted his face and body. Jack lay there like a slug. It was his only defense. Jk, I might be watching A Christmas Story. He actually helped paint Santa’s body for about 5 seconds before he got bored and started digging through our trash can.

I wish I was joking.

And then there was the felt tree and ornaments I made in hopes of  keeping their little grubby paws distracted and far, far away from my tree and expensive breakable ornaments. It’s actually working!


  • Felt, felt, felt.
This took less than an hour and doesn’t require anything but felt. Okay, maybe some scissors and glue to make the ornaments, but MAN. It doesn’t even require anything on the back of the ornaments to make them stick to the tree… they stay on their own! Easayyy.

For her birthday, I made Maddie a Hello Kitty headband which she obviously hated. I took photos of the process, which was really simple actually, and am going to try to get a tutorial up for you guys this next week. Is it even necessary though? It’s seriously so simple.

Here are some other things I hope to get to in the next few weeks:

  1. Wreath ornament
  2. Wool trees
  3. Felt ornaments
  4. Glitter covered animals to put in…
  5. DIY Snowglobe

I’m interested to know what your little creative selves have been up to. I know you have some good ideas to share!


7 thoughts on “Kid-Friendly Christmas Craft Projects

  1. We made those jar snowglobes! They’re super cute. A word of advice: be sure to use super glue. Unless you want floating reindeer along with the snow… (I used hot glue, which I guess dissolves!)

  2. Actually, I spent all weekend and likely all night tonight too stitching together all sixty-one of the granny squares I posted on my blog a while back. I’ve been experimenting with tapestry crochet too, making a toddler sized Alabama blanket and getting ready to start a Wonder Woman baby blanket for a niece we’re expecting any day now. Right after I finish the set of four amigurumi baby blocks for our latest niece of six months. The crafty Christmas gift list was a bit too ambitious this year, I think… That’s not counting the half finished projects for my own kids.

    I’ve been eyeing the felt tree project, but between freshly painted walls and my six-year-old’s obsession with trying to make dresses like Rarity off MLP, I’ve been afraid to go for it. I could just see it being torn into bits to make dresses for her stuffed animals. Did you need something to stick the tree itself to the wall, or did it cling?

  3. I’ve been creatively shopping at Target! haha These are so cute though. I SHOULD do at least one Christmasy craft with my poor kid.

  4. Aww! I’ve wanted to do the felt Christmas tree ever since I saw it on Pinterest, but felt is so damn expensive here :( And the glittery animals! So cute :D

  5. I made an Advent calendar that I saw on Pinterest. It actually isn’t falling apart, so I’m happy with it.

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